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Healing Crystals TQTM TQTM
What a lovely little stone! A little smaller than I first expected, but it's got such a big energy that I don't even care! Gorgeous clear quartz that just beautifully shows off the tourmaline inside.
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I love this Quartz, it's wonderful and the size I got was just so perfect.
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Every stone is a medium through which Transcendent Spirit radiates and has the power to heal and bless us. I asked for guidance and was guided to this stone. As I have used it I have experience the blessing of healing energy. I am consistently drawn to order from healing because of the healing energy of the stones they provide. And I believe this is in large part due to the committment of the persons who make up this company to Higher Consciousness and Universal Good. Namaste, steven
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A powerful & effective crystal!!!
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Tumbled Tourmalated Quartz (Brazil) - Tumbled Stones    [TQTM]

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