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Did you know that the mineral kingdom offers some of the best crystals for protection? Our energy fields are open to the many vibrations around us each day, at times causing us to absorb negative and unwanted energies. It can leave us feeling drained, cranky and unlike ourselves. Using crystals for protection, we can help to bring balance and harmony to our spiritual, physical or emotional states. 

Best Crystals for Protection (Image by Sharon McCutcheon from Pixabay)

What is Crystal Protection?

Crystal protection is a means of protecting oneself from unwanted spiritual and emotional energies with the use of specific healing and protecting crystals. When we feel out of balance from taking on negativity around us, or directed at us, that feeling is a good indicator that we are in need of protection. Have you been feeling overly critical, complaining more than usual, or persistently anxious? Chances are, you may be experiencing negative energy in your environment. When we have trapped negative energy, we start to feel out of sorts - edgy, anxious, depressed, angry, irritable. We may have brain fog, headaches or digestive issues and feel tired, not like ourselves. The lack of physical, spiritual and emotional harmony we feel from misplaced negative energies and vibrations can be offset by enabling crystal protection. Our energetic aura is susceptible to outside influence, intentional or not, so it is a good idea to protect ourselves as needed. The best crystals for protection can assist in redirecting or absorbing unstable energies so we may carry on for our greater good and best interests. Protective crystals stop the potential buildup of negative energy that may cling to us.

Reasons to Use Crystals for Protection

Protecting oneself comes in different forms and for different reasons. Protection is not just physical, but spiritual and emotional as well. One may use crystals for protection from the judgement, manipulation and anger of others that may be directed our way, or the negative energy that is being emitted. Using crystals for protection helps us to be more mindful and aware of the negative energy being directed towards us, allowing us to change our focus. When we realize and understand the nature of the negative energy thrown our way, we have more control over our response and how that energy affects us. We may still hear and feel negative energy directed toward us and around us, but crystals for protection help us recognize the source of this energy and assists us in handling our emotions and balancing our energies. Protection from crystals is also ideal for Empaths, helping to absorb, transmute or shield from the overwhelming vibrations of others. Sadness, anger, jealousy and ill-will are all significant reasons to use crystals for protection. Unwanted psychic attachments and unfavorable energies also fall into this category. Also, before doing healing work on oneself or others, it is always a good idea to take intentional steps for protection.

The spaces that we frequent, such as work and home, may also benefit from crystals for protection. The energy that fills our environment may sometimes need shifting, and crystals can help shield you from unwanted vibrations that may be surrounding you. The workplace is often very public, leaving one exposed to different energies from various colleagues. The lack of privacy leaves us open to absorbing unwanted emotions and vibrations, whether they be intentionally or unintentionally directed our way. When we take on negative energy the effect can cause us in turn to react and behave more negatively to others, loved ones included. We may feel drained, have problems sleeping or start to feel unwell. Once you find the best crystals for protection you will be able to have more positive and emotionally safe interactions throughout the day.

Best Crystals for Protection - Amethyst Cluster - Photo by CeresAndromeda on Pixabay

We may also ask for physical protection as a means of shielding ourselves from the elements, such as inclement weather in our surrounding environment in the form of an upcoming storm or other weather events. We may ask for protection from crime, natural disasters, theft, health issues, during commute and so forth. Using crystals for protection can be incorporated as a means of intending to protect our physical bodies from harm. 

We can use crystals to protect our energy by creating and enforcing energetic boundaries. The best crystals for protection can help assist us as we navigate through our days, leaving us with a sense of peace, calm and strength as we face the elements around us.

Methods of Crystal Protection 

Meditation with Crystals

Meditating with crystals from the mineral kingdom brings an inner peace and calm, and reinforces intentions of protection. Choose the best crystals (or crystal) for protection that speaks to your needs, then proceed to sit or lay quietly to prepare for the meditation session. You may also light an intention candle to enforce the intention of your protective meditation. While meditating, envision protection from the negative energies (which may appear as dark matter, grey smoke or even arrows) that have been affecting you. Visualize this dark energy leaving you, as you call on white or violet light to cover and protect you.

Cleansing and balancing the Chakras at this time is also beneficial to bring forth harmony and balance. Crystals associated with each Chakra can aid in the process, however the crystals for protection that you choose are a great tool on their own.

While meditating, you may call on your Spirit Guides or your Guardian Angels. Ask them for protection, to close off your auric fields and surround you with white or violet light. Calling on higher sources can help guide and calm us as we work on protecting ourselves. Meditate with your chosen crystals for protection as often as you feel necessary: before starting your day and going to sleep, or right as the moment strikes for a protective boost or needed boundaries. Furthermore, if we recognize an individual as a source of energy drain or negative attachment, we may envision “Cord Cutting.” As we meditate, we envision removing the energetic ties from the root so that we may no longer be bound to that lower vibration. The act of cutting the cords may cause them to come back stronger and may also lead to easy re-attachment if you’re not mindful, so it’s recommended to remove from the root with love, while sending yourself and the person love at the same time.

Visualization with Crystals

Intention with protection is the driving force behind it all. When using crystals for protection, intention is what sets everything in motion, stating the objective and reinforcing desired outcomes. Another method of using crystals for protection is that of intent and visualization. Visualizing energetic shields and bubbles while holding your crystals for protection is a quick and effective method to keep negative energy from others at bay, allowing you to remain balanced. Take the protective crystals of your choice in your hand (Amethyst is great for this), and visualize an energetic layer of white or violet light around your body, protecting your aura. You may picture this light as a shield, or a bubble, using protection as your intention. Considered to be permeable, these envisioned shields of light will allow energy that is at your current state or higher through, but not below that level. Energy shields may be envisioned and applied anytime you need it, in a moment’s notice. You may call on your shield of light before you leave the house, or as you need in the moment. Ideal for energetic protection, layers of white or violet light shielding you may also help to raise your vibration and allow for positive encounters as you go about your day.

Wearing Crystals

The best crystals for protection can also be worn! Wearing crystals for protection is a great and easy way to put up those boundaries and keep negative energy from entering your auric field. Healing crystals and gemstones can be worn for protection in the form of necklaces, bracelets, pins, rings, earrings and even hair clips. These can be placed in our bra, pockets or in our handbags.

Best Crystals for Protection - Amethyst Rings

In ancient times, people would create amulets, or objects created with the intention of protection, to feel safe from evil, the elements, illness, wars, famine and more. Popularly known as the Blue Eye, the Nazar was a blue amulet representing an eye used to ward off negative energies and protect against the evil eye a long time ago. Even today this symbolic amulet is worn by many as a means of intended spiritual protection. Red Coral is also worn for protection against the Evil Eye. When you charge your crystals for protection and then program them with the intention of protection they can become powerful pieces to promote energetic shielding.

Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids for protection allow for reinforced intention and a tailored, custom structure to adhere to your needs. Choose the best crystals for the protection you are seeking, with a center stone for activation of protection - alternatively, you may place an object, such as a crystal, within the center of the grid along with your center stone to be programmed for protection that you may place around or carry with you. Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz work well in protection grids, as they are very grounding and clear negative energy quite well. Adding Selenite amplifies the protective intentions of the Grids; as Selenite is a stone of peace and harmony, working well with a grid of such Sacred Geometry. Additionally, you may even turn your home into a protective grid by placing crystals strategically around the house. Don’t forget to cleanse and program your crystals before using them in these Grids, as well as then linking and activating the protective crystals. The energetic connecting of the stones allows the Grids to work as a harmonious unit of protection. Crystal Grids may be left up as long as you feel the need to keep the protective intention running.

Best Crystals for Protection - Crystal Grid Example

Placing Crystals in our Space

Just as we can place crystals for protection around our homes in a grid-like fashion, we can also place protective stones wherever we feel we may need them. Different rooms in our home, particularly the bedroom, may need some shifting to a higher vibration, so we can use crystals for protection that we program after cleansing around our home. Place crystals where you feel drawn, with the clear intention of protection. Another option is to create an altar in your home with crystals for protection. Find a sacred space in your home that you can set up as an altar, decorating as you see fit for your intentions. You can use specific crystals for protection on your altar, then set an intention of protection for this alter and honor it accordingly.

You may also place crystals for protection under your pillow when you sleep at night. We are even more receptive to crystal energy as we sleep, and Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and Smokey Quartz are all great crystals for protection as we sleep. Highly grounding, they are known for absorbing and deflecting negative energies. Amethyst is another great crystal for protection at bedtime, including protection from nightmares.

The workplace is a common source of negative and low vibration energy, so consider placing crystals for protection in your office or nearby work stations to absorb any unfavorable emotions cast your way. You can also use crystals for protection against EMFs from your computer if you work in an office environment. Shungite and Black Tourmaline are popular for EMF protection, as is Orgonite, Hematite and Smokey Quartz. Black Tourmaline in your car can aid during your travels, too.

Best Crystals for Protection Suggestions

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies, so depending on your intentions different stones can be used to achieve your desired outcome. Our bodies, Chakras and our auras can all be attuned by the vibrations from healing crystals. Here are some of the best crystals for protection:

Best Crystals for Protection - Tumbled Amethyst


Amethyst is ideal for spiritual protection and visualizing layers of energetic protection and shielding. Amethyst is also known to protect against psychic attack. Pair Amethyst with Amber for transmuting negative energies into positive ones.

Best Crystals for Protection - Black Tourmaline Rods

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline absorbs all negative energy akin to that of a sponge. This stone is a major contender when it comes to clearing and cleansing disharmonious vibrations and offering protection. It is highly vibrational, which makes for effective grounding. Try pairing Black Tourmaline with Selenite for a deeply protective and purifying effect.

Best Crystals for Protection - Black Onyx Pendant

Black Onyx

Black Onyx protects our personal energy by absorbing and transforming negative energy. A great and powerful grounding stone, place this one under your pillow to help prevent nightmares from interrupting your sleep.

Best Crystals for Protection - Bloodstone Tumble


Bloodstone not only wards off evil energy but it purifies the surrounding energy, serving to both ground and purify. Bloodstone is often used as an amulet of protection.

Best Crystals for Protection - Hematite Tumble


Hematite protects against negativity and is particularly ideal for balancing our energy and sealing our auric fields. Very grounding, Hematite was carried by ancient warriors for strength and protection. Try pairing with Blue Kyanite during meditation to stay grounded while releasing powerful negative emotions that may be interfering with your energy.

Best Crystals for Protection - Shunite


Shungite is ideal for taking negative energies and emotions, purifying them and then transmuting that energy into Light. Shungite is also good at EMF protection, making this stone protective of both Spirit and mind.

Best Crystals for Protection - Jet Chunk


Jet is great at clearing, cleansing and absorbing negative energy. A gentle neutralizer, Jet connects you to Earth energy for healing and grounding. This protective stone also purifies.

Best Crystals for Protection - Smokey Quartz Bracelet

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz takes negative energies and then grounds them into the Earth, allowing our surrounding environment to be clean of unwanted energies. Known for warding off danger, Smokey Quartz is also a stone that protects against EMF which makes it good to keep nearby electronics such as computers. As it is still part of the Quartz family and therefore known to be an amplifier, it is worthwhile to be mindful of this when using Smokey Quartz for protection against EMF.

Best Crystals for Protection - Clear Quartz Tower

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz transmutes negative energy into positive energy, with a high vibration to protect our Aura and energy. This highly amplifying stone is great at promoting a sense of balance. Clear Quartz will also augment your protective intentions, making this a great tool while meditating.

Best Crystals for Protection - Obsidian


Obsidian keeps away negative entities, clears the aura and grounds us to the Earth. Considered to be a stone of “banishment,” Obsidian breaks negative attachments. A similar stone that you can pair with Obsidian is Apache Tears - while ideal for grief, this stone also offers great protection and grounding, as many Obsidian stones do.

Best Crystals for Protection - Labradorite Cabochon


Labradorite is a Shamanic stone, serving us as though it were a shield of armor. Ideal for protecting the Heart Chakra, Labradorite covers us to protect from unwanted energies and vibrations. Paired with Rose Quartz, Labradorite makes for a great healing tool.

Best Crystals for Protection (Photo by Erin Profaci from Pexels)

The best crystals for protection can be found among a wide variety of choices. Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz are often popular choices, but there are many crystals for protection to choose from. In keeping our vibrations and auras at high energetic levels we sometimes need the aid of protective crystals. Whether these crystals be worn, used in meditation or placed around the home they all possess highly protective and grounding properties to preserve our energetic fields. Now it’s time to find the best crystal to protect you and start shielding!


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