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Healing Crystals Reference and Resource Guide

Here, you wil find some of our favorite articles, videos, and other information to help you get started on your Crystal Journey!* 

We have arranged the articles from beginner to more advanced so if you're just starting your journey, work your way from number 1 down. There are also some great articles for the more knowledgeable, so there is something for everyone!



Let's Get Started

Articles and videos regarding how to begin using crystals for healing.


Clearing and Protection

How to clear your energy, space and crystals as well as how to energetically protect yourself and space with crystals.


Crystal Safeguards

All about the Mohs Scale, toxic crystals, and crystals that can be damaged by liquid.


Charging Water

A handy how-to guide regarding infusing or charging your water with crystal energy.


Crystal Shapes

All about crystal shapes, including the Platonic Solids and sacred geometry.


Sizing and Grading

Here you'll find a helpful size chart, mini tower size chart, information about various grades of crystals, and crystal formations.


Crystals and the Chakras

Articles and videos about the Chakras which are the body's energy centers.


Crystals and Accessories

Information regarding candles, oracle cards, pendulums, essential oils, and other accessories that work so well with crystals.


Crystals and Feng Shui

How to use crystals in your home based on Feng Shui for more balance.


Crystals and Angels

Information about crystals and the Angelic Realm.


Crystals and Astrology

More information regarding crystals and the zodiac signs.


Crystals and Color

How color complements and affects the energy of crystals.


Crystals and Essential Oils

Information about essential oils and aromatherapy, including different blends you can make.


Crystal Grids and Distance Healing

Our how-to guide regarding setting up and using different crystal grids.


Crystals and Plants

About crystals that are helpful for plants and gardening.


Crystals and Pets/Animals

How crystals can be beneficial for pets and other animals, including crystal healing and using a pendulum with animals.


Crystals for Children

Information that can be helpful for children and students.


Crystals for Women

Information about crystals that are helpful to women, mothers, ladies who struggle with fertility and menopause.


Crystals for Men

Information about crystals that is great for men and fathers. 


Native American Teachings

Information regarding Animal Totems, Native American traditions, which includes how to make your own medicine bag!


Book Reviews

Reviews of our favorite crystal and wellness books.


Teachers & Courses

While we do not endorse any specific teachers, courses, or certification programs, here is a list for informational purposes.


Crystal Divination Cards

Click to get some crystal guidance and inspiration with our Crystal Divination Oracle Cards online!


*Crystals are often used as a complementary healing modality. Like other complementary modalities, they work best when used in conjunction with allopathic care.


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Posted on October 30, 2013

    (Submitted by: Maxine Jones on January 13, 2022)
  Thank you for all the info. Much appreciated.  (Submitted by: Elaine Allen on November 14, 2020)
  I absolutely love this site! Crystals call to me and I have several reference books, but this site is my go to! You all have me understand my crystals more then anyone or anything else! Thank you so much!  (Submitted by: Sassy on March 20, 2020)
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