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Reference and Resource Guide
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Reference and Resource Guide
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Welcome to our Reference and Resource Guide.  Here, you'll find some of our favorite
articles, videos, and other information to help you get started on your crystal journey!*


http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7864-80x80-tsqk8aWxDB-oZtkjQVz2b-gSECPnFmyY-EPXPLXA0qA&ver=2963  Let's Get Started:
here for articles and videos on how to begin using crystals for healing.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7858-80x80-PvLF3EHMBt-hxdUjVjy6B-fYseXbsVrR-zMr6EWCgnW&ver=2984  Crystal Videos:
Click here for our video page, which also contains a link to all of videos in alphabetical order.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7847-80x80-NrWUH8gM2s-A90XqE2ij5-mQa1vHIdee-8SvSB4PHFF&ver=3078  Crystal Information:
here for printable PDFs and book reviews.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7854-80x80-4hzxj90Fwm-5eqAUoSZeo-yk1P0odJvJ-NnQcLZJuwV&ver=3302  Crystals and Astrology:
Click here for videos and articles about crystals and the zodiac signs.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7849-80x80-g6xoyqRySm-DnOqdZEYNp-c81nSnfl5H-GaB5oZk6n3&ver=4136  Charging Water:
here for information about how to infuse, or charge, your water with crystal energy.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7861-80x80-teBR7lwQDV-xGPr45uiAm-bNHQ9UJ8bj-zuo1bjayZE&ver=3300  Chakra and Meridian Information:
here for articles and videos about the body's energy centers called the chakras.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7857-80x80-CTKrg3o0Hl-Rfm2H5bU9X-F7VNMfbkpj-sS430Tn9py&ver=2576  Angels and Spirituality:
here for information about crystals and angels.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7851-80x80-AcKJJWzsdB-72JgABkbnB-EgAaVvQ0Rr-zT29rNxKQZ&ver=3009  Accessories:
Click here for information about candles, oracle cards, pendulums, essential oils, and other accessories.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7850-80x80-hReV8iKB8m-Q0iGl2UrcN-YIOpB3eLXr-C50HP7PowL&ver=3216  Crystal Safeguards:
here for information about the Mohs Scale, toxic crystals, and crystals that can be damaged by liquid.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7853-80x80-eSUYhWRhEX-MuEbJLwynz-SeGQ9sf2HJ-fLrZzyKgGe&ver=3789  Grids and Distance Healing:
here for articles and videos about how to set up and use crystal grids.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7859-80x80-nK18J0STwM-jCzCHmEZ9W-FwyWr4IU0V-Fluui5t2MQ&ver=3248  Clearing and Protection:
here for articles and videos on how to clear your energy/space/crystals and energetically protect yourself/space with crystals.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7862-80x80-0l35PEAubG-4GnzebFjKj-QAiKuTUCNN-sLZkFEO7YQ&ver=2874  Color:
here to learn about how color complements and affects the energy of crystals.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7856-80x80-o0lMbOogPl-VuwfaioSES-VKynST2fyC-WMB9nCLCIq&ver=3193  Crystals and Plants:
here for crystals that are helpful for plants and gardening.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7855-80x80-nAbNjpv0uJ-xEycDNfb9O-PluRWjRvDc-gRDhuNxPMR&ver=3757  Pets and Animals:
Click here for information about crystals that can be beneficial for pets and other animals.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7861-80x80-teBR7lwQDV-xGPr45uiAm-bNHQ9UJ8bj-zuo1bjayZE&ver=3300  Native American Teachings:
here for information on Animal Totems, Native American traditions, and including how to make your own medicine bag!

 http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7848-80x80-17CYSSrJ2B-DdhE5CaBGf-FCX2koUZWp-tLkWy4EQBu&ver=3613  Crystal Shapes:

Click here for articles and videos about crystal shapes, including the Platonic Solids and sacred geometry.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7863-80x80-CRmPfrRLAq-VgR4QaLADo-dW147uwKpk-qS3Dw8UcIk&ver=3611  Crystals for Children:
Click here for information that can be helpful for kids and students.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7854-80x80-4hzxj90Fwm-5eqAUoSZeo-yk1P0odJvJ-NnQcLZJuwV&ver=3302  Crystals for Women's Issues:
Click here for articles and videos about crystals that are beneficial to women.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7847-80x80-NrWUH8gM2s-A90XqE2ij5-mQa1vHIdee-8SvSB4PHFF&ver=3078  Crystals for Men:
Click here for articles and a video about crystals that are great for men and fathers.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7854-80x80-4hzxj90Fwm-5eqAUoSZeo-yk1P0odJvJ-NnQcLZJuwV&ver=3302  Teachers, Courses, and Certification Programs:
While we do not endorse any specific teachers, courses, or certification programs,
here is a list for informational purposes.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7858-80x80-PvLF3EHMBt-hxdUjVjy6B-fYseXbsVrR-zMr6EWCgnW&ver=2984 Sizing and Grading:
Click here for a helpful size chart, mini tower size chart, information about various grades of crystals, and crystal formations.

http://projects.ffbh.org/public/thumb.php?name=7855-80x80-nAbNjpv0uJ-xEycDNfb9O-PluRWjRvDc-gRDhuNxPMR&ver=3757  Essential Oil Information:
Click here for information about essential oils and aromatherapy.


*Crystals are often used as a complementary healing modality. Like other complementary modalities, they work best when used in conjunction with allopathic care.

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Posted on October 30, 2013
  Awesome website with a lot if information!  (Submitted by: grules on February 10, 2017)
  So far I have had a great experience on this web site. Can not wait for the newsletter  (Submitted by: Lori M on February 08, 2016)
  Great website for almost everything you need to know as a beginner! Thank you! Looking forward to getting the newsletter and reading more on your website! I also can't wait to purchase crystals and other products from you guys!  (Submitted by: Sandie B. on June 28, 2015)
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