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The Foundation for Balance and Harmony is a non-profit organization dedicated to healing the planet, one person at a time. Our efforts include:

Pedagogy Program - Using a combination of
Energy Kinesiology, Brain Gym, and Pedagogy exercises, founding director Dennis Lortie developed a program that enhances learning potential and can help to eliminate the symptoms of dyslexia in both children and adults. Since 2003 we have worked with over 4,000 students and trained over 750 teachers in Guatemala, Central America.

Healing Crystals -  The Foundation for Balance and Harmony operates an online metaphysical crystal shop for the purpose of promoting the education and use of crystals to support healing. We offer high vibration crystals for sale and distribution across the planet. We have an astounding amount of educational information and are active on many social media outlets. 100% of the profits from HealingCrystals.com go towards supporting our non-profit foundation.

Speaking of Healingcrystals.com...ever notice that little signature or smiley face on your invoice? It's from us! Because we care as much about crystals as you do, we clear, activate and charge them before they're shipped to you. It is our intent to spread love, light and healing across the planet. We ask that each package be blessed and we include this prayer:

"For the Highest Good of All,
We Pray and Intend that these crystals and minerals activate
and fill themselves with the Infinite Love and Light of Spirit.
Bless the person receiving these items
and may these crystals and minerals actively support their
Spiritual Growth and Healing efforts."

Satisfaction Guarantee - We are committed to building long term relationships with our customers and want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase!

Sorting: We sort and price our crystals very carefully. Please see the item descriptions for specific information about the size and grade of the crystal that you will receive.

Pricing: We offer both retail and wholesale prices. You don't need a fancy license to take advantage of our wholesale pricing! You'll receive wholesale pricing automatically when you purcahase larger quantities.

Suppliers: We are blessed with the support of many good people and companies that help supply our inventory. We attend crystal shows across the country and we have accumulated a host of suppliers around the globe.

Ruler: Many people ask why we sometimes use the "other" end of the ruler for our pictures. We enjoy having the numbers 11 and 12 in all of our pictures as these numbers have a positive and healing vibration!

Disclaimer: The suggested uses and metaphysical descriptions for our crystals are our personal opinions and are not to be considered medical advice.

Posted on January 13, 2004
  I love the vibrations if these stones and crystals. Als great information. I will continue to purchase items from here.
Thank You  (Submitted by: KELLY ROSE O on March 13, 2014)
    (Submitted by: barbara on January 12, 2014)
  The quality of your products is wonderful. I really am pleased with everything i have purchased. I love the card with the prayer and intention that comes with the crystals. Thanks so much providing such great service and quality products!  (Submitted by: Bethanie W on January 27, 2013)
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