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The allure of healing crystals comes in many shapes, sizes and forms - from radiant and glowing to lackluster or raw; our planet holds an abundant variety of healing crystals formed within the earth’s many layers. Often beautiful, at times mysterious and enchanting, these crystals are brimming with an abundance of healing properties to explore. With so many gems to admire and choose from, just what is it these healing crystals do and how can they help you on your healing journey?

What Is A Healing Crystal

Crystals are rock formations created in nature, usually through pressure and by way of the cooling of liquid such as from lava. These minerals are created with distinct patterns and a unique arrangement of atoms, all determining the various properties and attributes of the healing crystals we come to know.

Part of what makes crystals healing is the vibrational energy from molecular bonds in the crystals. The internal structure (or lattice) of the healing crystals determines the rate of energy moving through and emanating from each crystal. Since everything in our universe is comprised of energy, scientifically speaking our own bodies consist of the same energy as that of healing crystals. Depending on the energy and properties held by a crystal, our bodies will respond accordingly, whether it be through energetic vibrations, pulsations or other transformations. The minerals within the crystals can positively affect our vibrations, as the human body itself benefits from certain minerals. Each stone’s energy utilizes itself in different ways for healing, such as generating said energy or holding it within the stone. Energy from healing crystals can radiate out or be amplified by many other factors.

Healing Crystals - Tumbled Stones for the Chakras - Image Source: SharonMcCutcheon / Pixabay

Metaphysically, gems can store our thoughts, and when we quiet our minds we re-establish our bridge to the earth and all of its healing vibrations. Belief and intention reinforces the energy of the crystal. For instance, since our thoughts are energy, if you think and believe a stone will help support your intention, that same vibration is transmitted and picked up by the stone. This sets in motion the desired physical or spiritual healing. Over time, the collective consciousness builds, which is how some minerals such as Obsidian serve as such powerful healers. The strength of power comes from how long it has been in use. Healing crystals keep us anchored to the earth, always presenting themselves with elements of life and universal healing properties.

As different crystals have certain, sometimes different, healing properties, various ailments can be focused upon by intentionally choosing the stones with which to work. Known for eliminating negative energy from our mind and body fields, healing crystals allow for positive vibrations to connect with us as we embark on our journey of well-being. Some stones are known for protection and shielding, while others are known for love, balance and harmony. There are stones for abundance, clarity and prosperity, just as there are stones to aid with health conditions. Healing crystals possess many amazing qualities and properties that can help us connect to a higher, healing source and guide us in our spiritual endeavors.

So now that you know what healing stones are, how would you know which crystals are right for you? And what do you do once you choose a crystal that suits your needs?

Kinds Of Healing Crystals

There are many kinds of healing crystals available with which to work, as well as ways to use them. Crystals come in various shapes, such as wands, pyramids, and spheres; as well as the raw and tumbled stones we often see and/or regularly use. Healing crystals are also used in the form of hearts and angels, pendulums and in grids for healing work. There are many options to choose from based on your desired intentions and purposes.

Healing Crystals Merkaba Assortment


Throughout history, shamans and healers have incorporated wands of healing crystals in the practice of restorative treatments. Presented in many shapes and sizes, healing wands are often made of faceted crystals, with the bottom end taking a round form and the top being that of a point. Other times wands can be made of materials such as wood, then adorned with corresponding crystals.

Quiet reflection with your wand is recommended before each use, meditating to reach the desired balance and harmony beforehand. Wands of healing crystals are ideal for directing energy away from or toward specific areas on one’s body based on the direction you point the wand. For instance, to draw pain away from an area on the body, hold the wand over the specific area with the point facing away and out, in order to direct that energy back to the Universe from its receptive end and away from the afflicted area. Similarly, direct the pointed end to an area on the body that you would like to address and visualize positive, healing energy flowing through the wand into the body.  Some wands can also be used for healing massage, using wands made of specific healing crystals relevant to your desired outcome. Rose quartz is a particularly effective crystal for healing in this manner, as it eases emotional trauma of the heart and allows for forgiveness and love. Rose quartz is calming, comforting and soothing, ideal for healing crystal massage. This stone is also a great choice when it comes to using a crystal roller for facial and body massage, helping to purify the body by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.

Crystal wands can also be used to scan the chakras of the body to determine which areas may need more focus. A great tool for spiritual growth, wands also aid in stress relief and emotional balance. Some find crystal healing wands to be an ideal method to cleanse their living space, and even use them in Feng Shui for their environment.

Healing Crystals - Crystal Wand - Image Source: BWSavannah / Pixabay


The structure of the pyramid has long been considered to be geometrically sacred, and designed with a spiritually powerful center. Pyramids are great amplifiers of energy, particularly through the apex, or pointed tip. In addition to the properties of the particular crystal from which it is formed, crystal pyramids are also known for amplifying energy and vibrations to a higher level; excellent for having a positive effect on our auras as well as our environment. Crystal pyramids are ideal for removing chakra blockages and dispelling negative energy.


Healing crystals in the shape of spheres are considered to be exceptionally powerful when it comes to crystal healing due to their symmetry. Full of high frequencies and positive energy, they offer a calming effect, allowing for greater focus on positivity. Holding crystal spheres in your hands while meditating is a way to assist in bridging to a higher power. The spheres can also be used in a similar fashion as the crystal massage wands, and rubbed over problem areas on the body. Healing crystal spheres offer a great way to uplift your environment by placing them around the home, yard and office. Additionally, crystals in the shape of eggs have a similar healing ability.

Healing Crystals - Crystal Hearts and Crystal Spheres - Image Source: marsjo / Pixabay

Hearts And Angels

Two symbolic healing crystals come in the comforting forms of both hearts and angels. Embodying the energy of our heart, love and that of the heart chakra, heart-shaped crystals are great for chakra healing work. They are incredibly healing and loving stones; excellent for overall balance and/or balancing relationship related energies.

Healing crystals in the shape of angels remind us of our guardian angels, and other angelic forms with whom we would like to connect with. They represent vibrations of divinity and messages of higher beings. The crystal angels assist with attributes such as healing, guidance and spiritual growth. Place both of these stones on the body, around the home or in your pocket.


When it comes to healing crystals, one of the more notable types when it comes to connecting with our higher selves and guides is that of the pendulum. Basically speaking, a pendulum is an object, such as a crystal, attached to a chain. Working with our higher-self, subconscious, and our spirit guides as we hold the crystal pendulum between our fingers, the pendulum can guide us to answers we seek as it moves in a particular swing pattern in response to our questions. This tool allows us to delve further into ourselves to seek information from divine higher sources as we work on healing and spiritual growth, guiding us with answers to our wellness questions. The pendulum can help a person to pinpoint certain imbalances or concerns and offer guidance towards well-being.


Healing Crystals Clear Quartz PendulumHealing Crystals Pendulum Assortment

Clear Quartz pendulum (left) & different assorted crystal pendulums (right)


Crystals that align with your healing intentions can be enhanced when used in a grid. The sacred geometry of the grids, in combination with the specific healing crystals for your intention, allow for an amplification of high energy towards your purpose. Profound healing can occur from this unique and powerful alignment of vibrations. Grids are often formed by placing appropriate healing crystals in a geometric pattern, often on a cloth or board, set around your healing intention. Many also successfully create their own grids by following their intuition to create a free-flowing crystal mandala for their grid as opposed to using sacred geometry shapes. You may write your intention on a piece of paper and place it at the center of the grid, under a crystal. Invisible lines are drawn to connect each stone energetically by using a quartz point to activate the grid with the aim of manifestation.

Healing Crystals Crystal Grid

Ways to Use Healing Crystals

Understanding the ways in which healing crystals work and the many kinds there are to explore enables you to use the crystals in a variety of ways to your benefit. An effective way to utilize the power of these stones is to place different ones on areas of the physical body needing attention. You can also place them on the body in a more structured method to align the chakras.

Keeping them Close

What if you want to keep your crystals nearby during the day? Wearing your healing crystals as jewelry helps you to stay close and connected to the vibration you are seeking throughout the day. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pins are all the jewelry options available to keep your crystals close to you. You can also place them in your pocket so they are always with you as you go along. The energy you encounter can be absorbed, transformed or transmitted, depending on the stone you choose to wear. At night, you can sleep with your crystals under your pillow, or keep them close at your bedside table. You may also find that placing healing crystals around the home will create a healing effect with their vibrations.

Healing Crystals Crystal Bracelets

Energy Medicine

An effective way to use healing crystals in addition to creating grids and using pendulums is by meditating with them. Sitting quietly with your crystals and reflecting on them allows our mind to reach a state of calm and balance. One may visualize their body healing and repeat affirmations while in a meditative state, holding a crystal in their palm or placing them along the body. There are many ways to explore healing through meditation with crystals as we use our intentions and visualizations to achieve balance and alignment. Additionally, other forms of energy healing such as Reiki can incorporate crystals to amplify the experience, as well as acupuncture and yoga.

Crystals have the ability to amplify the power of our intentions, and we can increase this power with affirmations. Our intentions set energy into motion, and when we make affirmations to our crystals this energy is then connected to our healing stones. With the use of crystal energy, our vibration is amplified to better align with our intentions. The more powerful the energy behind our intentions, the more effective our manifestations. The stronger the belief in your affirmations, the stronger and more powerful your connections.

A great example of affirmations and manifesting is evidenced in clear quartz crystals. Quartz is known to both store and increase energy, and if voltage is applied to quartz by applying electricity (as in a watch or clock battery) the crystal will vibrate at an exact frequency. In the same manner, the crystal will emit electricity if it is made to vibrate. Just like the rhythm and flow of clear quartz crystals in modern technology, the more we amplify and regulate our intentions when working with healing crystals, the deeper and more powerful our manifestations become.

Healing Crystals Clear Quartz Sphere


Healing Crystals through History

Cultures as far back as the Mayans and Egyptians utilized the power of healing crystals and recognized their abilities to transform. Even then they relied on healing crystals such as quartz for balance and alignment, and to connect with higher vibrations. The kings and queens of ancient times adorned their crowns with healing crystals, like amethyst for divine guidance and enhanced knowledge. Stones placed in the crown helped navigate these Royals through challenges and difficult choices. The kings and queens were often considered to be a bridge between humanity and divinity, and the crystals were an aid to keep them in tune to these higher sources.

During Biblical times, the foundation of the Heavenly City was adorned with precious gems along the way to represent the graces of the Holy Spirit and reflect the glory of God. The Holy City served as Heaven on Earth, descended from God and skies above to be considered Heaven, the abode of God. The City was said to be glorious, lit up bright like a precious crystal. The 12 stones mentioned in the foundation are: Jasper, Sapphire, Chalcedony, Emerald, Sardonyx, Carnelian, Chrysolite, Beryl, Topaz, Chrysoprase, Jacinth and Amethyst, with the Gates of Heaven being marked with Pearls. In similar fashion, the High Priest of the Israelites wore the Breastplate of Aaron, a sacred object adorned with 12 gemstones similar to those in the foundation of the Heavenly City meant to help communicate with God. During battle, it covered the heart with the knowledge that the wearer was loved and protected by Jesus. The stones and their colors represented elements of love, faith, truth and charity.

Healing Crystals And Chakra Healing

Balancing the energy centers of our chakras serves as an integral piece to our overall health and well-being. To amplify the process, healing crystals can be used to assist in chakra alignment. Several stones correspond to each of the seven chakras, as well as the colors associated with them. When doing healing work on the chakras, it is important to recognize if your chakra is overactive, underactive or blocked. The corresponding crystals vibrate at the appropriate frequency to aid in balancing and healing these energetic centers. You can place the crystals on your chakras that need attention while meditating for optimal alignment.

Healing Crystals Double Terminated Crystal Points

Popular Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are abundant with positive vibrations to help you on your journey, but deciding which ones to choose is a question with which many people struggle. Depending on your purpose, goals and intentions, there are a variety to choose from. Some are more commonly sought out than others for their abilities, but all crystals have the means to assist you.


Amethyst helps with spiritual connection and attaining higher vibrations. A very calming and healing stone, Amethyst clears and quiets the mind. Emotions can be balanced and restful sleep restored.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye crystals can have a calming effect and aid in alleviating stress, particularly when you use Blue Tiger Eye. Mental clarity and focus can be increased, and a removal of fear and anxiety can occur when using Golden Tiger Eye. Red Tiger Eye can be quite stimulating and focuses on the lower chakras, allowing higher energies through the lower half of the body.


Carnelian is a stabilizing stone, great for overcoming addictions, improving motivation and decreasing depression. Good for increasing circulation and the musculoskeletal system, this healing crystal also reduces negative emotions.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a very soothing, calming and harmonizing stone. It promotes self-love, forgiveness and balance, especially with matters of the heart. When it comes to healing crystals, Rose Quartz is excellent at achieving tranquility.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a universal stone, a multi-tasker with high frequency vibrations. Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing all benefit from this stone. The master healer of crystals, clear quartz amplifies healing with its positive properties.

Healing Crystals Tumbled Stones

Benefits Of Healing Crystal Therapy

Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being are all elements that can positively benefit from healing crystal therapy. Healing crystals help keep us in-tune and aligned. When it comes to healing the body, physical pain can be relieved, energy can be increased, sleeping improved and more could be experienced. Emotional blockages can be released, allowing for new and improved connections as well as balance. Stress and anxiety can be removed for calm to be restored. Mental clarity, focus and contact with higher frequencies are all benefits of crystal healing.

Crystals are tangible objects that we can keep close to receive their positive energy, repel the negative energy and transform what is needed. Their vibrations are unique to each person and are amplified accordingly. Healing crystals are sought out even today with respect, appreciation and gratitude for the amazing gifts of healing they give to everyone.


Please note that crystals for healing should be used to complement other forms of therapy. Crystals are not a replacement for regular medical care. Please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.


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