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Everyone talks about cleaning, charging and clearing crystals but do you know how to clear crystals and where to begin? To receive all of the benefits of your crystals, it is important to clear them on a regular basis. Understanding why, when and how to clear your crystals will allow you to deepen your connection and expand your usage with your healing stones.

Crystals from the mineral kingdom serve as an important aid in spiritual, physical and emotional health. Each stone may be set with specific intentions or used for various purposes as a means of holistic healing. When we use crystals in this manner, the crystals transform the necessary energy and vibrations to carry out our intentions. But what happens afterwards? It is time to clear your crystals! Clearing crystals, or cleansing them, is a crucial step in the care and usage of healing crystals.

How to Clear Crystals - Image by dobrevune from Pixabay

What is Crystal Clearing?

So what do we mean when we talk about clearing or cleansing our crystals? Clearing crystals is the act of intentionally removing any unwanted energy that may be within a crystal from previous use or exposure. Almost like a clean slate, clearing crystals allows unwanted energy to be removed, absorbed or transmuted so that the crystal may be used again for a different intention, or so that the current energy that has been collected and absorbed does not have an unintended effect. Clearing crystals maintains the healing crystals being used so that they may continue to serve the desired manifestations with a new start for each need.

Why you Should Clear Crystals

Clearing crystals allows the crystals to return to their neutral or natural state. The stone is effectively “restored” to how it naturally exists prior to having been programmed with healing intentions, or before having absorbed various energies from the surrounding environment and use. The aim is to remove any unwanted energies that the healing crystals may have absorbed. This is acheived by clearing, or cleansing, crystals in different ways. Clearing crystals takes away the energetic overload, bringing the crystals back to a pure state for a fresh start.

How to Clear Crystals

So now that you know what it means to clear crystals and why should do it, following is how to actually clear crystals. There are many different methods to go about clearing crystals, each one has a unique way to cleanse your healing stones. Whichever method resonates best with you for each stone is the best way to go ahead with clearing crystals.


Smudging is an effective method for clearing crystals. Herbs such as white sage, lavender, sweetgrass or cedar, as well as incense and Palo Santo sticks can be burned to allow the smoke to surround and wash over the crystals. Hold the crystals over the burning smudge stick and let the smoke envelope them for a short time, less than a minute, or longer if the stone still feels energetically heavy. You may even use a feather to fan the smoke over the crystals and catch any embers into an Abalone shell. When smudging your space, crack a window or door to allow the smoke to escape, allowing an exit point for the dense energy. Be mindful of loose embers and put them out immediately to avoid any potential fires. Stay present, not just in the moment, especially with the burning sage so no loose embers fall. And never leave burning sage unattended! Be sure to extinguish your smudging herbs when you are finished with sand, or by pressing it into your shell or chosen vessel.

How to Clear Crystals - White Sage Smudge Sticks

Sunlight & Moonlight

An easy method for how to clear crystals is by making use of the sun and the moon. Both the Lunar elements of the moon and the light of the sun can cleanse and clear crystals naturally. Place your stones on the windowsill overnight, or even directly outside if you prefer, to allow them to absorb these natural energies. If you choose to place your crystals outside be mindful that some stones do not fare well when wet, so avoid rain or damp weather. During the day leave crystals out in the sun or on the windowsill for a short time, bearing in mind that too much sunlight may cause certain crystals (particularly Amethyst, Citrine and Rose Quartz) to fade and lose their luster. And don’t worry if the clouds seem to obstruct the sun or the moon - your crystals will still be cleansed all the same.


The healing properties of the mineral salt make for a great option when considering how to clear crystals. Said to absorb negative energy, salt is an easy and very effective method at clearing crystals. Place your healing stones in a bowl of salt, buried, overnight. The same can be done with a bowl of uncooked rice as an alternative to using salt. You may also place the stones in a bowl inside another bowl of salt to avoid the stones physically touching the salt. This is a particularly good idea for crystal jewellery pieces containing metal. Lastly, you may place your stones in a bowl of salt water overnight to allow them to soak and the energy to be drawn out of the crystals. Be careful not to place certain stones in the water, such as Selenite, or they may get damaged or degrade over time by the salt. The same also goes for crystals such as Calcite, Malachite and Angelite. Once you have cleared your crystals in either the salt or rice, do not consume what remains as it has absorbed the negative energy during the cleansing. It is recommended to instead throw it out and return it back to the Earth with gratitude.


Acoustic vibrations are a beautiful and melodic way to clear crystals through sound. The sounds remove negative or unwanted energy in the crystals through the energetic vibrations. Tuning forks can be activated by tapping the crystal against the fork, which is then moved around the crystals until the fork stops vibrating. You may repeat this action as many times as you feel necessary until the crystals are cleared. A similar effect is created by using a Singing Bowl. Place the crystals to be cleansed around the bowl to feel the vibrations once you move the mallet around the outer edges of the bowl. Crystal singing pyramids may be used the same way for clearing crystals. Bells also have a sound vibration that will cleanse your crystals when placed over them and ringing. Even musical tones from pianos can be used! Sound options allow you to cleanse crystals easily and quickly.

How to Clear Crystals - Singing Bowls


Water is said to clear crystals by neutralizing the stored energy and sending it back to the Earth. Running water from rivers and streams serves as an effective cleansing method by placing the crystals in the water for a few minutes. The ocean provides another fantastic source for cleansing your crystals, so the next time you visit the beach bring along your stones to clear them in the ocean. You may even use water from the faucet at home to cleanse crystals or place them outside in a rainstorm. Certain crystals, such as Selenite and Calcite, should not be placed in running water as they may become damaged or degrade over time. Running water is a natural and simple manner to for clearing crystals.


Purify your stones by burying them in soil. Bury your healing crystals in the yard or in a houseplant to be cleansed by the earthly energetic vibrations. Clear crystals by also placing them on top of the soil in your plants to receive the cleansing they may need. Alternate the plants that you use for clearing crystals to preserve the energy of your houseplant. Be mindful which stones you cleanse this way as some crystals, such as Selenite and Calcite which can possibly degrade over time in the soil.


Reiki, a form of energy work, uses life force energy to cleanse and heal. You can use Reiki to balance the stones and remove unwanted energies by asking this intention for the crystals. For added benefit, use the Reiki Cho Ku Rei symbol to amplify and power cleansing intentions.

You can also clear crystals with Reiki by opening your Chakras and holding the crystals to be cleared. Place one hand over the crystal and feel the vibrations, while asking that the crystal be cleansed of any negative energy and all that no longer serves it. Hold your hand over the crystal until you feel it has shifted back to its original state energetically. You may draw the Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol over the crystal once you are done channeling the clearing energy. You may then continue and use Reiki to program your intentions into the crystal before expressing thanks and then closing your Chakras.

Intention & Visualization

Holding a crystal in your hand and visualizing white light washing over the stone is another cleansing technique. You can imagine the white light being emitted as a beam from your hand or your Third Eye, and can imagine all negativity being washed away through your intention. Clearing crystals through visualization allows you to cleanse your stones from anywhere and works great if you are not near your usual tools for clearing crystals.


Pendulums are able to help release energy from a stone when using one that has already been cleansed and is ready to go. When holding the pendulum over the crystals, the pendulum will start to rotate in the pattern that it normally equates with the “no” meaning as it starts to clear the energy. Once the crystal has been cleared, the pendulum will rotate in the opposite direction, indicating a cleansed crystal that is now infused with positive energy.

Other Crystals for Clearing Crystals

Interestingly, other crystals know how to clear crystals, too! Already cleansed Crystal Clusters work great for cleansing crystals by placing the stones on top of them for a few days to neutralize negative energies. Clear Quartz Clusters and Amethyst Geodes work well. Another method is to place your crystals on a slab, plate or rod of Selenite to be cleansed.

How to Clear Crystals - Amethyst Geode

When to Clear Crystals

When we first receive our crystals, it is important to clear them so that they are integrated into both our space and healing practices. The crystal has come a long way before reaching you, and has been passed through many different hands and environments. Once you have brought your newly acquired crystals home with you, it is a good idea to spend some time clearing the crystals. We think of this when we wonder how to clear crystals, but what about other times we should clear crystals? When else should we clear crystals?

Really, one should do what most feels right intuitively when it comes to clearing crystals. There is not one specific guide to follow, but rather what resonates for each individual. That being said, here are some instances when clearing crystals is a beneficial action:

Healing Purposes

When we use our crystals for healing purposes, such as meditation and Chakra work, we set our intentions with the crystals we use. These crystals emit, transmit and absorb the personal energy during the healing session. Clearing crystals after such an energetic transaction dispels the stagnant or remaining energy and brings the stones back to neutral, especially before further use. Also, the crystals we use under our pillows to sleep at night or stash in our pockets before heading out the door should be cleared regularly, as well.


Crystals greatly magnify the powerful intentions of a grid - manifestations, desires and goals are all outcomes that are reinforced by the use of crystals during gridwork. As grids are set for specific intentions (and often for specific people or situations) clearing crystals after the grids are dismantled is important as a final step. Clear crystals after use to ensure a fresh beginning for your next healing grid endeavor.

How to Clear Crystals - Crystal Grid for All Purposes

Energetic Environment

Crowds, groups of people and just general environments around your healing crystals can affect their vibration. The energy may be low or high, but either way that energy surrounds your crystals for them to absorb and redirect. If your healing stones have been in a highly charged atmosphere, it is ideal to cleanse crystals accordingly.

Crystal Injury

Sometimes our crystals are prone to injury of sorts. Maybe the crystal was accidentally dropped, or after an intense healing session has suddenly cracked. A broken or shocked crystal could use a good crystal cleansing after such an event occurs.

Full Moon

What more appropriate time for clearing crystals than before a Full Moon? Cleanse crystals in advance of the full moon to get the most benefit from both charging and intention setting the healing stones. Cleansing crystals before other astronomical events (such as an eclipse) allow for a clean slate to make the most out of the healing properties of your crystals.

Clearing Crystals vs Charging Crystals

Often times the phrase, “charging crystals” comes up with clearing crystals. While technically the idea and concept behind the two remain the same, there are some subtle differences that are worth exploring. When one charges a crystal, the intent is more to recharge, energize or amplify the existing energy of the crystal. In doing so, the crystals are purified, energized and ready to be programmed. This is essentially what occurs with clearing crystals, but sometimes the intent is altered. Ultimately, the action of cleansing crystals also charges them, particularly when the healing stones are placed in the sunlight, moonlight or on top of other crystals.

How to Physically Clean Crystals

The method of energetically clearing or cleaning crystals also brings to mind the actual physical act of cleaning a crystal. While physically cleaning crystals can also energetically cleanse it, sometimes our stones need a good cleaning from the elements. Handling them, burying them, leaving them in our purses and other regular use can cause some build up on our healing crystals. If your crystals are hard, such as Quartz, you may soak them in warm water with a little soap to loosen any dirt or grime. A soft toothbrush can remove any persistent debris. Soak the stones some more and rinse them off. Polish them with a soft cloth. If you want to clean soft crystals, such as Amber, Selenite, Calcite, etc. then just use a soft cloth (like microfiber) to polish and clean crystals. Clean makeup brushes may also do the trick!

How to Clear Crystals - Singing Bowls, Tinchas and Incense - Image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

Healing crystals offer such amazing and beneficial properties, so regular clearing of crystals allows for pure and purposeful sessions with our stones. As you can see, how to clear crystals varies depending on which method you choose to use, as well as what personally works for and resonates with you. Clearing crystals makes for energetically clear and positive stones, ready to be programmed for our highest and greatest good.


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