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We hope you are enjoying our crystals to help you connect with Archangel series thus far. Today we dive into Part 6 of our 8 part series and it is about Archangel Chamuel.

The next Archangel on our tour of the angelic realm is Archangel Chamuel, the archangel of Adoration and Courage. His name means “He who seeks God” and he is ruled by the planet Mars, the element of fire and the zodiac sign of Aries. His day is Tuesday and his colors are ruby red or pale green. Chamuel often appears wearing armor. His scents include mint, geranium, neroli and ginger. Crystals often associated with Chamuel are Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Carnelian and Pink Tourmaline

Call on Chamuel when you feel yourself beginning to feel a bit of self-loathing or if you're spreading yourself too thin, always doing for everyone else before yourself. Chamuel will help you to adore yourself and practice a bit of self-love. It's alright to take some time for yourself. Chamuel is also an angel of peace and divine justice. He guards the innocent and gives us strength to overcome. He is the patron of surgeons, air traffic controllers, hairdressers, animal conservationists and those
involved in peacekeeping missions.  

Red Jasper is an opaque form of chalcedony and it has an earthy red coloring, much like red clay. It is a stone of Mars and the element of Fire. It is also a stone for the zodiac sign of Aries. Red jasper was often called the warrior's stone, as it was thought to bring strength and courage to those who wore it. Likewise, it has been used as a symbol of fertility. Native Americans consider it a sacred stone, for red jasper was thought to be the blood of the earth. In healing practices, it regulates the blood and its circulation, thus bringing warmth to those cold hands and feet. Red jasper is also an energy stone, bringing you a sense of vigor and vitality. In magical uses, it can be used to send negative energy back to the sender, offering you protection from harm, be it psychic or physical.  

Bloodstone is another of archangel Chamuel's stones that can be helpful in cleansing the blood. It is a deep green stone with flecks of red and is also associated with Mars, Aries and the Fire element. In healing, Bloodstone is often used for liver, kidney, intestine, and bone marrow problems. This powerful healing stone is also beneficial for women's issues such as menstruation and menopausal symptoms. Bloodstone is also an excellent stone for athletes and anyone who could use a little more stamina during physical activity. Bloodstone also encourages you to believe in yourself and helps give you the courage to achieve your goals.  

Another red stone linked to Chamuel is Carnelian, also associated with the element of Fire. This stone is more translucent than red jasper, and not as deep in coloring. Still, it's a powerful protection stone, giving you added courage and strength. Like the Bloodstone, Carnelian is a blood-cleanser and can also speed recovery time from illness or injury. Carnelian can also give you the courage to be yourself, rather than living by everyone else's expectations. This red/orange stone can also bring success and luck, especially in business ventures. It protects your home from fire, storms and other dangers. 

Pink Tourmaline is affiliated with Chamuel because of its ability to relieve us of past fears and pain, thus enabling us to get rid of bad patterns and move forward, better able to love who you are. This lovely pink form of tourmaline is also used to channel or communicate with spirit guides and also protects against negativity. In healing, it helps with chronic lung ailments, relieves coughs, eases anxiety and reduces stress.

Next week, we will post our next article which talks about Crystals that can help you to connect to Archangel Jophiel.


Crystals and Archangels Series:


Article by Sonia Acone

Posted on March 08, 2010

  Peace & Blessings to You~Light Keeper, UR information is on point! Thank You Deeply ????  (Submitted by: Hetersphere on October 03, 2018)
    (Submitted by: Gabriella on July 16, 2017)

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