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We hope you are enjoying our crystals to help you connect with Archangel series thus far. Today we dive into Part 5 of our 8 part series and it is about Archangel Uriel.

I'll admit that, in doing research for archangel Uriel, there was quite a bit of conflicting information. Some references stated that Uriel was ruler of the planet Mars, while others mentioned Uranus. Some said he ruled over winter, others summer. Days of the week were either Tuesday or Wednesday. Naturally, it gave me a headache, not to mention a bit of a panic attack. I mean, really, how were people supposed to use this as a reference if the information is so contradictory? I worry about things like this. So, I sat quietly and asked Uriel for some help. I kept getting the same answer repeatedly, in my head, “Include it all and let them choose.” That said, I will leave it up to you to decide what feels right to you.  

Archangel Uriel is, indeed, the angel of transformation. His name means “the fire of God” and his direction is North. He usually appears carrying a flaming sword. Scents associated with Uriel are sandalwood, ginger and basil, and his flowers are the gentian and red hot poker. His color is red and the crystals affiliated with him are Hematite, Obsidian, Tiger's Eye and Rutilated Quartz.   

Archangel Uriel is linked to the arts, magic, ideas, astrology and protection. He is adept at turning our negative emotions, such as anger, fear and despair into positive feelings that will enable us to be stronger and therefore better equipped to bring about positive change in our lives or situations. He is the one that can take adversity and turn it into blessings. When you need change, call upon Uriel; for inspiration, spiritual guidance and discovering your own true potential.  

Hematite is ruled by fire and the planet Mars. It can be used for astral travel by grounding you this earth plane. It's an incredibly powerful stone for self-healing purposes, especially when held over or rubbed against a painful or inflicted area, as it can draw out the pain or infection. This silvery-black stone cleans the blood, strengthens muscles and lowers blood pressure. It is often used as a grounding stone and can dispel negativity.  

Another black crystal linked to Uriel is Obsidian, which is actually a form of volcanic glass, and so is linked to the element of fire. Also a grounding stone, obsidian is usually placed between the feet in chakra layouts. It's a protective stone, especially against negative psychic energy and those associated with electromagnetic fields. It's always a good idea to keep one near a computer (along with malachite).  

Tiger's Eye, with it's gleaming bands of honey-gold and brown, is a stone of prosperity, luck and money. It can alleviate cravings, such as those associated with tobacco, alcohol, drugs and even food. It detoxifies the body and can give you an added boost of energy during times of weakness or physical exhaustion. Tiger's eye is linked to the Sun and the element of fire.  

Rutilated Quartz is quartz crystal with bands, or rutiles, of yellow inside. It is an excellent crystal to have when you want to contact your guardian angels or communicate with others in the spirit or angelic realms. It is also used to enhance telepathy and clairvoyance. In healing practices, rutilated quartz may benefit those suffering from chronic bronchitis or asthma. It strengthens our auras and cleanses our systems.


Crystals and Archangels Series:


Article by Sonia Acone

Posted on March 01, 2010

  This article has been extremely helpful. It helped me to understand why I have been attracted to black obsidian stones, tiger’s eye stones, and hematite stones. My birth sign is Mars, and I love the color red. Fire inspires my soul; all connected to Archangel Uriel.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  (Submitted by: Jan on March 26, 2021)
  Good work.

moonstone or white Opel also help enhance the effects of these stones for working with Uriel.

I find Snowflake obsidian to be preferable to other forms of this stone, for meditation. however a piece of obsidian thin enough to see light through the edge is very valuable if you are invoking Uriel as part of any cleansing, think of it as a blade cutting away the negative things.  (Submitted by: Angle Whispers on December 23, 2016)
  I liked this article very much. I am working at understanding the archangels and Uriel interest me particularly because I've read that he is connected to wisdom and astrology. Crystals are such a beautiful healing tool. Thank you very much!  (Submitted by: Kendra Anderson on February 06, 2014)
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