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The following articles were added in the last 30 days.
1.How Do The Reiki Videos Work? I Have Done Reiki In An Office
2.Does The Vibration Of Crystals Change If Accidentally Dropped?
3.Protecting Your Property with Crystals and Sage
4.Can I Charge Water With The Rhodochrosite In a Bottle? Is Bigger Better With Stones?
5.My Sister Has Trouble With Focus And Concentration
6.I Had a Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Several Years Ago. Which Crystals Should I Keep Around?
7.I Have Lost Everything. I Am Sad And Stressed.
8.Healing Crystals December 2017 Newsletter
9.Is There a Crystal That Resonates With the 8th or Higher Chakras?
10.Crystals to Combat Fatigue
11.My Sister Recently Tested Positive For Babesiosis
12.Herkimer Diamond Mine By Allison LaBarbera
13.What Stones Can I Use To Help My Dying Dog's Soul Transition?
14.Is Sugilite Recommended For Back Pain? Or Is It Better For Something Else?
15.Can You Do An Article Called "How To Tell The Difference Between Black Onyx, Obsidian, And Jet?" lol I Can't Be The Only One Wi
16.Have I Got Too Many Crystals In My Room? Could They Be Keeping Me Awake At Night?
17.Are There Crystals That Don't Need Any Cleansing?
18.I Was Told There Is a Lot Of Jealousy Around Us and We Need an Energy Clearing
19.What Is the Light In the Phrase "Love and Light"?
20.I Have Trouble Making Friends And Feel Stuck In My Job
21.What's the Difference Between Clear Quartz and Golden Healer Quartz?
22.Can I Use Crystals To Reduce My Puppy's Biting And How Can I Use Them?
23.Which Crystals Help Heal a Damaged Achilles Tendon?
24.I Struggle With Going To Sleep At Night
25.What Do You Suggest For a Person Who Has Had a Spinal Fusion?
26.What Do You Suggest For a Person Who Has Had a Spinal Fusion?
27.Can Anyone Wear A Crystal, Irrespecitve of It's Zodiac Sign?
28.For Charging Water With Crystals, Is There a Limit To The Number Or Types Of Crystals Used?
29.Which Crystals Can Help With Energy Vampires Or People Who Drain My Energy?
30.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday *11/14/17*
31.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Monday *11/13/17*
32.My Son Has Crohn's Disease. Please Recommend Some Crystals.

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