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The following articles were added in the last 30 days.
1.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Thursday *04/27/17*
2.What Can I Use For Choking? (Non-Life Threatening - My Throat Gets Irritated Easily)
3.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday *04/26/17*
4.I'm Having Mood Swings Following A Brain Damage Accident. Which Crystals May Help?
5.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday *04/25/17*
6.Help! I'm Surrounded By Negativity From My Mother And Neighbors!
7.Crystal Astrology Report *04/26/17 - 05/02/17*
8.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Monday *04/24/17*
9.Crystals To Place In The Ground During Construction Of A Building
10.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday *04/23/17*
11.I'm Wondering What Effect Different Materials, Such As Metals, Will Have On Crystals?
12.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday *04/22/17*
13.Is There A Minimum Size Of Crystal Depending On What Its Used For? How Often Should It Be Cleared?
14.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *04/21/17*
15.Where Is The Best Place To Store My Crystal Jewelry When Not Being Used?
16.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Thursday *04/20/17*
17.How Can I Keep My Stone With Me All Day, If I'm Not Into Jewelry?
18.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday *04/19/17*
19.My Crystals Have Disappeared! Is This A Bad Sign?
20.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday *04/18/17*
21.Is There An All-Purpose Crystal?
22.Crystal Astrology Report *04/19/17 - 04/25/17*
23.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Monday *04/17/17*
24.What Are Some Crystals To Help With Dissociative Identity Disorder?
25.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday *04/16/17*
26.Is It OK To Have Multiple Grids With Different Intentions In The Same Room At The Same Time?
27.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday *04/15/17*
28.My Depression Is Causing Me To Have Trouble Sleeping. I Want To Wire-Wrap A Pendant To Wear.
29.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *04/14/17*
30.Is Their A List Of Crystals That Do Not Fade In The Sunlight?
31.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Thursday *04/13/17*
32.I Lost My Son Several Years Ago And I Am Still Struggling With The Loss
33.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday *04/12/17*
34.What Can I Use To Protect Myself From The Large Power Lines Near My New House?
35.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday *04/11/17*
36.I Have Anxiety Attacks And I Don't Know Which Crystals To Choose
37.Crystal Astrology Report *04/12/17 - 04/18/17*
38.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Monday *04/10/17*
39.Which Crystals Can Help With Increasing Fertility And Pregnancy?
40.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday *04/09/17*
41.How Can I Heal My Selenite Sphere? It Seems "Bruised"
42.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday *04/08/17*
43.I'm A Writer That Needs To Move Past Procrastination And Into Creativity And Focus
44.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *04/07/17*
45.I Need More Stones For Reconciliation And Communication
46.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Thursday *04/06/17*
47.I Want A Crystal For Working With The Hara Line
48.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday *04/05/17*
49.I Want To Make A Mojo Bag For My Very Sick Cat
50.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday *04/04/17*
51.The Legend Behind Apache Tears
52.Crystal Astrology Report *04/05/17 - 04/11/17*
53.What Is The Best Way To Use Howlite For Sleeping?
54.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Monday *04/03/17*
55.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday *04/02/17*
56.I'm Looking For Crystals To Help Alleviate My Panic Disorder
57.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday *04/01/17*
58.Which Is A Good Crystal To Give Someone As A Confirmation Of My Feelings? He Gave Me A Rose Quartz.
59.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *03/31/17*
60.My Teenage Granddaughter Is Hyper And Argumentative
61.Healing Crystals March 2017 Newsletter
62.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Thursday *03/30/17*
63.Is It OK To Keep Crystals Under My Pillow While Sleeping?
64.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday *03/29/17*
65.Mooching Daughter Needs To Move Out
66.Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday *03/28/17*

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