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1. What is an Affiliate Program?

2. How does an Affiliate Program work?

3. How much can I earn?

4. What is a Button?

5. How does the Button work?

6. How do I get a Button or special coupon link?

7. How do I know how much I have earned?

8. How do I collect?

9. How do I post my Affiliate Button to my Website or FaceBook page?

10. Can I post links for specific products on my website or Facebook page?


1. What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate program is a revenue sharing program that allows you to earn discounts, or "Crystal Credits," applied to your purchases at Healing Crystals, by referring our website to your clients, students, friends and readers.

2. How does an Affiliate Program work?

You can Earn "Crystal Credits" by posting a Button on your website or onto your Social Media site.

See this page for the legal Terms & Conditions for the Affiliate Program.

3. How much can I earn?

Earn 5% Credit for each of your Affiliate Sales.

For example, if someone clicks on your Button and then spends $100.00 on our site, you earn $5.00 in Crystal Credits.
* Crystal Credits automatically appear in your shopping cart and can be used for any purchase on our website.

4. What is a Button?

Here is a copy and the size of our Affiliate Program Button:

5. How does the Button work?

Get your special link or Button Source Code on this page and then post that onto your website, Facebook page or other Social Media sites. When visitors click on the button and then make a purchase, you will earn a 5% Credit from the sale.

6. How do I get a Button?

After signing up and being approved to become an affiliate, you can go to this page to download the Button to post on your Website, Facebook page or other social media sites. You will also find the HTML Source code and your Affiliate link on this page.

7. How do I know how much I have earned?

Simply log in to your account. Our program keeps track of each order and updates your Crystal Credits in real-time into your Affiliate Account page and to your shopping cart so that you can use the credits immediately.

8. How do I collect?

After a purchase by one of your affiliates, you will earn a 5% Crystal Credit that is immediately available in your shopping cart. Just log into your account and click on the shopping cart to see your credit.

9. How do I post my Button or Affiliate Link to my Website or Social Media Account?

Posting on your Website: To insert HTML code onto your website, paste the source code found on this page to your webpage. The HTML Source Code is automatically programmed with your Affiliate Link.  Alternatively, you can program your Affiliate link as the anchor text in posts on your website.

Posting to Social Media:

You can simply share your Affiliate link with readers, clients and students, etc. Alternatively, you can follow these steps for posting your Button on Social Media:

You can save your Button to your phone or computer and upload it along with your Affiliate Link as a post to your social media account

  • Save your Button to your phone or computer.
  • Login to the social media account you want to create a post in.
  • Upload your Button (or another image if you wish).
  • Write your post and include your Affiliate Link to let readers know about their discount.
  • Post your content!

10. Can I post links for specific products on my website or Facebook page?

Yes you can! Simply follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the item on our website? which you want to create a link for and click into it.
2. Copy the Model Number of that item. You can find the model number next to the Product Name/Title in parentheses (see below screenshot).
Locating the model number
3. In a New Tab, log into your Affiliate Account.
4. Head to "Product Links" via the Affiliate Menu.
5. Enter the copied Model Number in the block provided and click the "Get Link" button.
6. The system will generate your custom link embedded with your affiliate code for that specific item. You can now copy it to use on your website or social media platform.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us!


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