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October is the first full month of autumn. Kids are back to school, the weather has cooled off, and most of us have returned to our slower, post-summer grooves. Here at Healing Crystals, our focus this month is on Veterans Day and Halloween, and we have two great articles for your reading pleasure. Also, be sure to check out this fantastic video from Lourdes and Tara that gives suggestions on crystals that can be used for Halloween!

The first article is "Crystals for Veterans Day” by Jim Boland. Veterans Day is a day to remember and honor all of the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. This article gives us an excellent look into the history of this holiday, as well as suggestions for crystals such as Bloodstone, Ruby and Tourmaline that can complement it.

Our second article is “Trick or Treat! Crystals for Halloween” by Rachel Niemczyk. This article provides great information about how we came to celebrate Halloween as most people now know it. It also gives suggestions for crystals such as Citrine, Golden Tiger Eye, and Moss Agate that can help with the many different energies that we may be feeling during this month.

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The Healing Crystals Team

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Crystals for Veterans Day

By Jim Boland


Veterans Day is celebrated in the United States of America on November 11 of each year. Originally created by President Woodrow Wilson as Armistice Day in 1919 to celebrate the end of World War I, the holiday was renamed to the current Veterans Day in 1954 by Congress. It is a day to remember and honor all of the men and women who have served in the armed forces. It is a day for the rest of our nation to thank the veterans for their service and protection.

We can honor our veterans by accessing the vibrations of crystals that resonate to the qualities that the veterans represent. Service is the first virtue that we honor. The men and women who have served their country deserve our respect for the service that they have given us. You may select Dumortierite to celebrate the commitment and service of our veterans. This blue crystal enhances self-confidence and self-discipline; key elements in the veterans' commitment to protecting our country and ourselves. Garnet is the stone of commitment; it has been a talisman for knights and guardians around the world for centuries. This fiery stone kindles the flames of love, devotion and loyalty - traits which inspired our veterans to put themselves forward to protect those dear to them.

Given the dangerous nature of a soldier's profession, we must salute our veterans for the courage they showed in service. Not all veterans necessarily served under fire, but all of our veterans knew that they could be called upon at any time to put themselves in harm's way. In battle or in response to disaster and danger, our veterans remained firm in their commitment. Bloodstone, Ruby and Tourmaline are all excellent crystals to accentuate courage. Bloodstone provides balance and helps to overcome fear. Use a Bloodstone whenever you need an extra boost to fortify your courage. Ruby is a powerful heart stone; not only does it open the heart up to feel more emotions, but it also protects the heart and balances those emotions. The protective nature of this crystal makes it an excellent resource to bolster courage. All Tourmaline stones are well known for their protective qualities, but for Veterans Day and courage, consider using Black Tourmaline. It is highly protective and works to enhance courage by banishing negative emotions and fear. Or try some Pink Tourmaline, which protects and inspires service to all humanity.

Finally, we put our trust in our veterans to do the right thing. They have proven their fidelity through their service and commitment; we need to reciprocate that trust as they return to civilian life. Chrysocolla is a crystal that not only helps to align all of the chakras, but promotes peace, acceptance and trust. Use this stone for Veterans Day to help you better accept the veterans back from service. Ruby in Zoisite, also known as Anyolite, enhances trust by transmuting negative energy into positive energy, and can enhance trust in yourself, others and in the universe itself. Use this stone to help the veterans in your life transmute any negative service experiences into positive acceptance at home.

These crystals and others can help you remember and honor all veterans for their service and sacrifice. Honor their commitment to protecting family and country, and let them know that you are thankful for their service.



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Trick or Treat! Crystals for Halloween

By Rachel Niemczyk

Halloween is one of the most fun, spooky, mysterious and frightening times of the year. This holiday is celebrated for different reasons, and just about everyone can find an aspect of Halloween to be enthusiastic and joyful about. Regardless of what age you are and what your plans are, Halloween is a great time of year to embrace the almost magical support crystals can give.

The word Halloween is actually a contraction for All Hallows’ Eve, a pagan holiday revering life and death, endings and beginnings. It was accepted as a time to connect with and honor the spirits who passed on. Many people in the metaphysical community find this time of year to be when the veil between worlds is thinnest; you might want to take advantage of this to connect with beings in higher realms and different dimensions. Apophyllite, Phenacite, and Staurolite can strengthen your connection to the other side, so you can clearly commune with whom you want. Holding a piece of Carnelian or Dravite can anchor you back in this reality after your visit.

Sometimes the journey on Halloween isn’t as far as another realm, but on this planet - to another place like alleged haunted grounds, an amusement park, party, or trick or treater’s house. No matter where you travel, safety is always a priority. Whether from real ghosts or people dressed as ghouls, Black Tourmaline will keep you safe and grounded. Golden Tiger Eye shields and enhances awareness of dangers headed your way, while Smokey Quartz will keep you protected and hidden from trouble.

One of the most famous aspects of modern Halloween festivities is the costumes. You are free to try out different costumes - essentially different skins - and experiment with being someone else for a night. Labradorite and Merlinite can make your transformation strong and smooth. Trying on different personas has the added benefit of helping you discover who you are and who you want to be. Citrine, Golden Tiger Eye, and Moss Agate can give you the strength to release anything which hinders you from being your truest self, while giving you the courage to be who you always dreamed of.

Overall, Halloween is a great time of year to just have fun. Of course, fun is in the eye of the beholder; it can easily mean staying home, handing out candy and watching scary movies. It can also mean going to parties, frightening-themed amusement parks, and haunted houses in an effort to scream yourself hoarse. For the more metaphysically minded, connecting with beings in another realm might be the entertainment of choice. In any case, have some Orange Calcite, Sunstone, or Fire Opal around to bring vibrancy and enthusiasm into your adventure. Happy Halloween!

Posted on October 11, 2013
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