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Green Kyanite is a pale to dark green stone that is made up of long, thin crystal blades that resemble the pages of a book. It ranges from transparent to opaque, often with long striations. This crystal has a pearly shine when tumbled or polished.

Working primarily through the Heart Chakra, Green Kyanite can facilitate your connection with your deepest truth found only within the heart, and helps you to learn how to live from this eternal truth. It is especially helpful to those searching for and/or learning to discern the truth of any matter or situation, including the media and politics.

Carrying Green Kyanite with you can aid when in the company of others of who you are unsure, by helping you to look within the heart of that person to see their true motives behind any statement or action.

With its strong focus on the Heart Chakra, Green Kyanite can alleviate depression by offering hope and support for the internal adjustment needed to effect positive external changes. By connecting the Heart Chakra to the Third-Eye Chakra, Green Kyanite can help one to discover the inner voice so necessary for real personal growth.

Green Kyanite can enhance the intuition via the Third-Eye Chakra, and backs up any new insights with the deepest, universal truth that lies in the Heart Chakra. This helps those who have been outer-directed to learn how to become inner-directed and independent of the approval of others. These characteristics of Green Kyanite make it a great aid for those striving to align with their true spiritual path in this lifetime.

Green Kyanite can facilitate astral travel, lucid dreaming, and other forms of dream work. Meditating with Green Kyanite can help transfer the higher-frequency vibrations from higher realms, gained from the Third-Eye Chakra into the Heart Chakra, where it can be assimilated into your conscious wisdom for application in the physical realm. For best effect, place it directly on the Third-Eye Chakra during meditation.

Green Kyanite is often used to make contact with the nature spirits, and is great to take along on hikes or camping trips. Plant lovers place Green Kyanite into the soil of a potted plant to improve growth and stamina.

Kyanite transmits and amplifies high-frequency energies, making it a great stone for attunements and meditation. Kyanite brings a calming, tranquilizing energy to the body. Kyanite clears and calms you in preparation for meditation, and assists in receiving intuitive and psychic thoughts, as well as dream recall. Kyanite restores Qi (or Ki) to the physical body, and balances yin/yang energies.

Please Note: Although Kyanite may not need clearing/cleansing as often as most crystals, we suggest clearing your Kyanite as often as is needed, based on:

  1. The amount of use it gets (how hard your crystal is working for you) and
  2. The amount of energy that your crystal has been exposed to over a period of time.

When clearing your crystals, always make sure that your intent is clearly stated, so the crystal knows that it is being given some time off and needs to recharge itself. For more information see this article: How to Clear/Clean Any of Your Crystals.


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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for
Crystal Name:Green Kyanite
Pronunciation:green KY-uh-nite
Affirmation:My heart hears the truth.
Question:Do you connect with fairies or sprites?
Astrological Sign:Aries (March 21 to April 19), Leo (July 23 to August 22), Pisces (February 19 to March 20), Taurus (April 20 to May 20)
Primary Chakra:Heart Chakra
Location:Brazil, India, Russia
Mineral Class:Silicates Mineral Class
Crystal System:Triclinic Crystal System
Hardness:4.5 to 6.5 Hardness
Numerical Vibration:Number 4
Chemical Composition:Al2SiO5, Aluminum Silicate
Emotional:Eases Depression, Hope, Relationships
Spiritual:Aligns Chakras, Devic/Nature Realm Communication and Connection, Dream Interpretation and Recall, Enhances Intuition, Meditation
Extra Grade:Beautiful green color, translucent, < 10% matrix
A Grade:Nice green color, opaque, 10% - 25% matrix
B Grade:Poor green color, opaque, and/or > 25% matrix
Reference 1:

Posted on March 16, 2013
  One of my favorite stones! amazing how strong a little piece is.  (Submitted by: Xavier on July 26, 2011)

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