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Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday *10/21/17*

Today's Crystals: Selenite &  Botswana Agate.  You are likely to still be experiencing the inspiration of the Libra New Moon.  A fresh cycle has begun and you are being driven to decide how to make this energy work in a way that benefits you and your world. Libra is generally not insistent as it is designed to create an atmosphere of harmony.  It also won’t make it easy for you to choose an area to focus your attention.  The sociable conscious of Libra demands that everything and everyone is taken into consideration when contemplating change and that can take forever. You may be feeling some urgency now though as the energy is moving forward and you are so ready to go with it.  You need direction and the first place to look is within.  Use Selenite to be fair and truthful with yourself and acknowledge what needs a new start in your life.   Once you know where you want to devote your talents and passion then you can focus on how you will help others and yourself.  Botswana Agate will attract the best support and opportunities to drive your mission. 

Posted on October 21, 2017
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