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Subject: Crystals to Help with Passage into Womanhood
Date: 08/20/10
From: Jennifer
To: Healing Crystals

I really liked the article about using crystals to change bad habits. As I read over the description of each kind of helpful crystal I imagined having a necklace or string of them all together, like a rosary, something that you could use to reflect upon throughout the day. This idea inspired another idea that I have been pondering for awhile: my oldest daughter will begin menstruation within the next year or two and I would like to celebrate this event and represent this special passage into womanhood with a sacred gift. I would love to give her a necklace or bracelet, something for her to touch and remember positive aspects of herself and her potential as a woman. Of course, crystals are perfect for this! Have you written on this topic before (i.e. feminine energy, strength, life transitions)? What crystals would you recommend?







Hi Jennifer,

I love your idea of incorporating crystals into something wonderful for your young lady. Excellent!! You are a great mom:)

I have had the pleasure of working with ladies on issues of self empowerment, strength as a woman, etc on occasion, so let's start there.
Here is an article where several crystals are recommended. It is a good place to start:

I really like Labradorite and Moonstone for new beginnings and transition. They both carry a feminine, gentle energy which is perfect to help your daughter move into this phase of her life.

Abalone Shell carries a very strong feminine energy. It is often used for ritual and ceremony.

Crystals for self esteem and confidence may be of assistance here as well. Pieces like Rose Quartz would work well here.

Lapis Lazuli is another amazing stone, helping us to find our own, unique voice.

Copper would be an excellent addition as well. Copper promotes cleansing, luck, prosperity and purification. It enhances self-esteem, communications and over all energy. You could use copper wire to make the bracelet or using copper beads in the bracelet.

This will give you a good start I think :) You may even want to sit down with your daughter and browse through some of what is offered here at Healing Crystals. Let your daughter pick out something that she really loves (which you can secretly add to her bracelet :) and/or resonates with.

I really do think this is a wonderful idea. It shows me what a loving, caring and nurturing mom you are. I wish you and your daughter all the best as you learn and grow together.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on August 23, 2010

  What an amazing mom! I may do this, if I ever have a daughter. Lately when I get menstrual pains it seems like wearing any type of real jewelry decreases menstrual pains. If I take off my jewelry, the pain comes back shortly after. There really is something to it. I notice this with my ruby diamond earrings too.  (Submitted by: Stawr on September 09, 2012)

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