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Hi your website all the vast information on crystals that you offer...Im looking for some guidance on what crystals to use to remove negativity from my home environment and work environment. Also what crystal would you recommend in a crystal healing session to remove intense negative energy around a head area...previously have used smoky quartz has reduced it but still significant amount remains

love and light

Hi Kanga :)

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. They are much appreciated!

We just created a "Negative Energy" article archive that I think you will find most helpful.  Included are articles and suggestions on what types of crystals to use in removing negative energies from home and office.  As well as articles on how to clear negative energy from a space, place, or person.

For removing intense negative energy from around the head area, I would suggest using some Chlorite in Quartz.  This crystal will help to absorb any negative energy from the body (in this case, the head) and hold it within, until it is cleansed/transmuted.  Black Tourmaline or Tourmalated Quartz would also serve the same purpose.  Rutilated Quartz will also help to remove, release this negative energy.

One more suggestion--try a combination of tumbled Rose Quartz and Selenite in an arch above and around the head. (Rose Quartz at the ear, above it a Selenite, then a Rose Quartz, Selenite, etc until you end with a Rose Quartz at the opposite ear.) I would be very interested to hear your results :)

with love and crystal blessings,
Kristi Huggins, Expert Contributor for Healing Crystals

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Posted on December 15, 2009
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