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SUNDAY 08/05/12


The Sun and Pluto are in an interesting position - one might even say an inspired position - and they are going to stimulate your creative drive.  This energy will help you to navigate your way through any surprises and challenges while giving you the strength and willpower to find innovative solutions to your most perplexing dilemmas.  Sound good?  Pietersite will empower your critical thinking and Yellow Aventurine will give your creativity an added boost.


Number of the day:  9


9 is an idealistic number that encourages growth through inspiration.  Amber will light up that inspiration and guide you towards expansion



MONDAY 08/06/12



Venus is moving on from dizzy Gemini into passionate Cancer so you will see some shifts in your relationships and your money!  Despite its emotional and sensitive vibe, Cancer is a very practical sign that exudes security.  Cancer always finds a way to get what it wants by paying attention to those intuitive outbursts that some may see as a disability.  Use this energy to get in touch with your emotions and intuition.  Then see if it doesn't get you what you want. Ruby will let you access your feelings and Pyrite will help you turn those into actions.


Number of the day:  1


1 likes to be the center of attention and, while you don't want to let your ego get out of control, sometimes it's not a bad thing to focus all of your attention on yourself.  Chrysoprase  will offer clarity and grounding.



TUESDAY 08/07/12


Finally Mercury turns direct and it's time to look head towards new horizons.  Hopefully you used the energy to rid yourself of anything old that might be weighing you down as you embark on new journeys.  If not, remember that the energy is still touchy for a few days while Mercury gets itself rolling forward so, while there are still delays and inconveniences, there are also still opportunities for release.  Chevron Amethyst will help you to really see what may be an encumbrance and Fire Agate will get you moving in the best direction.


Number of the day:  2


2 is the most protective of all numbers - as if someone were watching over you and always there to help.  Dioptase will connect you to that protective energy when you need it the most.



WEDNESDAY 08/08/12


You may find yourself seeking beauty throughout your day.  You can thank Mercury and Venus for this pleasant atmosphere where we are encouraged to surround ourselves with lovely things and situations.  Since Mercury is involved you may find yourself particularly attracted to charming communications, specifically written and spoken. It is a perfect time to create your own story where a happy ending is assured.  Apophyllite is a lovely crystal to feel the outer and inner beauty and Kunzite will encourage you to be creative with how you use this energy.



Number of the day:  3


3 will expand your horizons through life experiences so get out there and see where the day will take you!  Larimar  will nurture you along the way.



THURSDAY 08/09/12


Another delightful day!  This time it's Venus and Neptune at play and we are much attuned to the beauty in our world.  It is a magical time where you see the best in people and in life.  Use your imagination to manifest the future.  You will find it difficult to envision anything but a joyous outcome. Aquamarine enhances this dreamy energy and Chalcopyrite helps you to feel the harmony and synchronicity that surrounds you.


Number of the day:  22


Master Number 22 wants us to connect with ourselves, others and our environment on a deeper lever for the higher benefit of all.  Watermelon Tourmaline will help you to see the many layers that surround you and enable you to reconnect with your world.



FRIDAY 08/10/12


It's another wonderful day because everything comes in threes, or maybe it's just time to see how wonderful life really is!  Today Mercury and the Moon are in a very pleasant trine position.  They deliver an atmosphere where it is easy to ask for what you want and get it. This is very feminine energy which offers three (yes, there it is again!) opportunities for growth.  1) It is easy to express yourself.  2) It is easy to see how receptive others are to your needs and desires and 3) you are open to others and can help them to achieve their goals.  Everyone gets what they want and we all have the chance to help each other.  What's better than that?   Danburite lets you open yourself to the energy and Aqua Aura allows others to open themselves to you.


Number of the day:  5

5 wants us to be free to be who we are and do what we will, but also to remember we are part of a whole and to use that freedom to be of service.  Moonstone will let your inner vision and freedom of expression shine through.



SATURDAY 08/11/12


You may feel a little exhausted from all the good vibes over this last week.  That's ok because Mercury and Neptune offer a respite.  It will be just too hard to make any kind of decision or be productive.  A much better option is to relax and let your mind play in daydreams while you can.  You may have noticed a few days like this so far this summer - get the hint?  Smokey Quartz will offer some quiet time and let you relax.


Number of the day:  6


6 offers us support and compassion for ourselves and others.  Rhodochrosite will remind you to be good to yourself and feel the surrounding universal love.



SUNDAY 08/12/12


Mars, the master of self defense, and wounded Chiron get together today in an uncomfortable transit.  You may find you are a little defensive, a little touchy and just easily offended over every imagined slight.  It will be difficult to express your anger, maybe because there really isn't as much to be angry about as you may think. Use Sugilite to avoid frustrations and hurt feelings.  Blue Sapphire will encourage a rational perspective and remind you that it will all be better tomorrow.  


Number of the day:  7


 7 is an introspective number that wants us to go within to find our spiritual, higher selves.  It is also one of the most sacred and illusive energies - perhaps because we spend so much time and energy on our outer lives.  Petrified Wood promotes patience with your meditative efforts and will remind you that it is ok to go within - the outer world will still be here and waiting for you.

Posted on August 04, 2012
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