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WEDNESDAY 03/27/13


Jupiter and Chiron want to send you on a quest.  The challenge is that there is too much ambiguity for you to make any progress.  Jupiter in Gemini makes it hard to choose a direction and Chiron in dreamy Pisces makes you unsure of your end goal.  We cannot seem to get our purpose in line with our beliefs.  The desire for something new without the confidence of a direction leaves us open to the possibility of poor choices or heading off somewhere that is not where we really want to go.  Better to take time and turn your need to conquer new challenges inward to discover more about yourself.  Blue Tiger Eye will allow you to see the truth and Aquamarine will cool your anxiety.


Number of the day:  9

There is great potential to learn something new and valuable. Give yourself the time that you need and use White Aventurine for clarity



THURSDAY 03/28/13


Imaginations run wild with romantic ideals and we are very open to being seduced by something new today as Venus and Neptune meet up in Pisces.  You can find beauty in some unusual places and this could prove to be a very magical day.  Just be cautious that you don't let illusions take over.  Remember that true beauty is based in reality.  Mookaite will keep you grounded and Pink Tourmaline will remind you to appreciate everything - including yourself!


Number of the day:  1

Use the creative energy today to find ways to make yourself happy. Don't worry about being selfish because ultimately it benefits everyone around you.  Orange Calcite fuels your imagination.



FRIDAY 03/29/13


Mercury and Chiron are going to produce a day filled with misunderstandings and misrepresentations.  We have a lack of confidence in ourselves that will affect our ability to be truthful.  If you find yourself acting in ways that seem alien, just take a moment and try to release any fears of judgment.  Do not despair if things go too far.  You have the courage to admit any mistakes and ask for another chance.  Remember to be open when others need the same kindness from you!  Tourmalated Quartz will offer protection and lighten any burdens, while Angelite brings a gentler quality to your interactions.


Number of the day:  2

Playing well with others is vital to your relationships but you don't want to lose yourself in the process.  Wear Apatite to express your true self and let everyone know - and love - the real you.



SATURDAY 03/30/13


A lot seems to be going on but if you take a second look you will see that it is nothing of substance.  You may still be feeling the effects of a transit among Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto from yesterday.  It is very easy to get caught up in nonsense and feel harried and out of sorts.  On the other hand, if you are patient and willing to look deep enough there is an opportunity to gain some valuable insight.  Yellow Aventurine enhances your ability to discern any real opportunities.  Rainbow Moonstone helps you to look beyond the physical mayhem.


Number of the day:  3

Too often we mistake abundance for quantity. Sometimes less is more and Hessonite Garnet gives you confidence to enjoy what is yours and to leave the rest.



SUNDAY 03/31/13


The general theme of the last few days where everything is very intense and important continues today as Venus and Pluto are in a square.  They are in Fire and Earth signs, so you may really feel this energy in your actions and reactions.  There is potential for manipulation, power struggles, and jealousy.  You may experience some changes when it comes to relationships and finance. Don't give the negative energy power by buying into it.  Try to take things at face value and understand that any changes will ultimately prove more beneficial as long as you feed them with positive energy.  Sugilite will help you to find the good in every situation while Rose Quartz just makes the day much better.


Number of the day:  4

Sometimes things come easy and sometimes you have to put in some effort.  Know that you can work your way through anything.  Keep smiling and keep Green Chlorite around to keep things positive.



MONDAY 04/01/13


Things are so much better as we move into the new month, and it is not an April Fool’s prank!  The Sun and Jupiter bring us a time of hope and good will. We are confident in ourselves and comfortable in our surroundings.  That may sound dull, but if you think about often do you really feel completely in control and at peace? Today is that day!  Our perspective is more open to expanding our world in ways that will make us most happy.  You want to embrace this energy!  Jade amplifies the joy and Pink Calcite will encourage you to share it.


Number of the day:  11

Let everything else go and just enjoy the moment.  It is guaranteed that you do not do that enough!  Connect to the elements using Zebra Jasper and let yourself feel the optimism.



TUESDAY 04/02/13


Pluto in Capricorn gives us the opportunity to take a hard look at our situation and eliminate those things that are draining us.  Not necessarily the things that we have ignored, forgotten or just do not really want any longer - it can be easy to let go of those. This energy is about ending those physical and personal relationship and situations that are taking too much from us and returning nothing.   They may even seem like necessary elements of your life but Pluto can point out where they are doing more harm than good.  These are the things that are hard to release.  Take time now to look outward and make those hard choices.  Pluto will be going retrograde in a few weeks and you will want to have your most positive and supporting environment already in place.  Iolite will help you to hear what you already know.  Black Obsidian steadies your resolve.


Number of the day:  3

You can see a new pattern and feel the rhythms of change.  Enjoy the journey and carry Bronzite for protection and harmony.



Posted on March 26, 2013
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