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WEDNESDAY 01/02/13


Are you worn out from all of the action over the past weeks?  Well today, Venus and the Sun offer a respite from all the craziness.  There is a gentle flow to the energy that encourages us to take a break and just be.  Too often we keep going, when really we need to stop and take everything in before we begin again.  Look at today as a gift from the Universe and just relax.  Blue Lace Agatewill give your busy thoughts a break while Scolecitelets us enjoy the peace.


Number of the day:  9


Use the completion energy of 9 to let go of any stress or anxiety that you may still feel from the past weeks of excessive activity.  We are heading into the peaceful months of contemplation and preparation, so use Green Calciteto get a head start.



THURSDAY 01/03/13


A Mercury/Uranus square will stimulate our thoughts and we can have brilliant breakthroughs, but putting them out in the world is another story.  This transit provides valuable insights, but we are unable to accurately communicate them.  It sounds great in our head, but when it comes out into the air it seems ill conceived and without merit.  Performing any kind of a task can be a challenge so try to approach things with an open and curious mind.  If we are creative and use this energy correctly we can find our way around obstacles and still make things happen - although things may turn out differently than we thought.  Lepidolitewill calm frustrations and allow reason to be our guide.  Sodalitegives our imagination a boost


Number of the day:  1


You are ready for anything that comes your way and 1 gives you the confidence to take on the world.  Self-reliance will take you far so carry Rutilated Quartzas a reminder that you can do anything.



FRIDAY 01/04/13


It is a wonderful day for initiative and positive actions when Mars and Jupiter join forces in a trine position.  You can not only see how your dreams will come true, but how you are going to make it happen.  You are eager to try something new and to take on new responsibilities - especially when you see how your efforts will play out in the future.  This is a very optimistic transit and success can come easily to those willing to take a risk.  Alexandritewill enhance your actions toward manifestation.  Pyriteshowers success over everything that you do.


Number of the day:  2


You have so many resources at your disposal and 2 will encourage you to be open to all that they have to offer.  Mahogany Obsidianwill open your eyes to what is available to you.



SATURDAY 01/05/13


You just have to love Jupiter's exuberance and how it entices us towards massive ideas and plans to make things happen.  Mercury is joining the planet of expansion in a transit that will make it too easy to overestimate our abilities and resources.  We are ready to take off, but if we overlook details that could bring about a fast end to our journey.  You don't want to write the day off. If you take your time, check everything twice and keep silent until you are absolutely sure that you are prepared, then you may do well under this transit.   Watermelon Tourmalinefills your thoughts with optimism while Black Agatekeeps your feet...and efforts....on the ground.


Number of the day:  3


Let comfort replace any lingering doubt as 3 shows us that we can have it all as long as we are patient.  Purple Fluoritewill show you how to believe in your convictions.



SUNDAY 01/06/13


The holidays are over and now it is time to get going with those New Year’s resolutions and plans.  The universe is giving us a hefty boost of energy courtesy of Mercury and Saturn in a very helpful sextile transit.  Shortcuts will not take you where you want to go so be organized and do the little things that you need to in order to move ahead.  Hard work, focus and dedication will reap boundless rewards.  And don't forget to work your brain muscle since decisions and plans are well thought out.  Just be cautious that you don't let the intensity of the energy turn your focus into obsession.  Amethystcan turn your thoughts and energies towards abundance and Jademakes your work all the more successful.


Number of the day:  4


4 reminds us that often the things that we work the hardest for are the same that we appreciate the most. It is your effort that makes it your own.  Pietersitehelps you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.



MONDAY 01/07/13


Everything is harder than usual and it can feel like you are constantly taking 2 steps forward....3 steps back all day.  That will be Mars and Saturn in a tense square that is blocking our efforts.  This transit places roadblocks in our path and while it can be frustrating it can also work to your advantage. Mars has a tendency towards blind, aggressive action that is not always in our best interest.  Saturn drives us towards mastering each step before we take another so focus on that energy and try not to let the day get out of control.  Smokey Quartzwill help you to break through any boundaries while Botswana Agatewill cool your engines and let you know when you are ready to move forward.


Number of the day:  5

Try not to look at it as a struggle.  Perhaps it is more of a challenging game that is meant to make things more fun and interesting.  5 makes everything an adventure - it is all about our perception.  Tangerine Quartzwill keep yours positive.



TUESDAY 01/08/13


Venus, the planet of love and finances, enters Capricorn today and adds a dose of reality to our romantic and business dealings.  We crave stability and security above all else and so we are willing to compromise to achieve our goals.  Emotions have no place under this transit, and even the most romantic among us will find themselves being more practical than usual.  Now is when you want to do any financial work - especially when it comes to household or business budgets.  Chalcopyritewill lighten up the serious mood and energy. Peridotallows you to be open to the important guidance that can help you to make practical - and healthy - changes.


Number of the day:  6


It really is all for your own good.  Nurturing 6 will do it's best to make those necessary chores as easy as possible. And when they aren't, try keeping Kyanitearound to feel its sympathetic vibe.

Posted on January 01, 2013
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