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You are disciplined and determined under a sky with Saturn sextile Pluto.  You will ardently pursue your goals and stick to even the most demanding schedule in order to achieve them.  This is an excellent time for cleaning house and getting rid of any debris.  It is very intense energy that, if used properly, can leave you with a very solid foundation for your future.  Tourmalated Quartz will keep your attitude positive and help you to find the best use of the energy. Hematite offers balance and protection from the intensity of the energy.


Number of the day:  7


There is an introspective vibration that runs through the day ruled by 7.  Use the energy to focus on the tasks at hand and you will receive optimal results. Moldavite enhances the vibration.



THURSDAY 12/27/12


Mercury and Chiron will allow us to intuitively express ourselves in a way that makes a positive difference in our lives and those around us.  If you have a hard time opening up to others then this can really benefit you.  There is a shared sensitivity that allows all of us to speak and listen with an understanding mind.  We will all be more open to change and willing to accept each other with all of our attributes and faults.  A semi square with Saturn may require us to work a little harder to make those communications happen but they will be well worth the extra effort.  Strawberry Quartz will enhance the energy and Pietersite will keep you open to new emotions and opportunities.


Number of the day:  8


Failure is never an option when 8 energy is in charge.  Whatever you set out to accomplish today you can succeed as long as you take charge of the situation.  Mexican Fire Opal provides motivation.



FRIDAY 12/28/12


Tonight's Full Moon in Cancer (called the Cold Moon) may bring up feelings of melancholy and possibly some regret.  The days are short, the nights are cold and we are coming to the close of a very transformative year.  Add that to a Cancer Moon and you've got a recipe for a very emotional time.  It is ok to indulge yourself and enjoy whatever security blanket that you need as long as you can keep one foot in reality.  Whenever you feel sad about something that is gone be sure to remind yourself of what is new and better in your life.  Black Agate will offer some much needed (and very welcome) grounding and Sunstone will counteract any sadness with the joy that is there but perhaps a little hard to see right now.


Number of the day:  9


What have you learned?  That is what 9 wants us to reflect upon and this can be particularly important when you have come to a conclusion of something in your life.  9 will help you to replace emotion with clarity.  Yellow Calcite offers insight.



SATURDAY  12/29/12


We know that we want something but finding what that is can be a challenge.  We accept that things have to change, but we just can't figure out how to make it happen.  The Sun and Jupiter are inciting our desire to move forward, but doing nothing to help us determine the best direction.  Better to use this day to figure out what needs to stay behind and to let go of anything that feels like it is holding you back.  Those things will be very evident since they may make you feel trapped while you crave the freedom of new horizons.  Patience is key right now and Septarian will help you find it amidst the confusion.  Red Tiger Eye will motivate you to perform any necessary actions.


Number of the day:  1


Now we know that it is all up to us.  The strong vibration of 1 provides the determination and creativity to pursue our goals with zest and vigor.   Aragonite will guide you.



SUNDAY 12/30/12


Mercury enters Capricorn tomorrow bringing with it a time for contemplation and planning.  This is the best energy for developing a thought process that allows you to manage the things in your life in a way that will take you to the next level.  You will want to use this energy to take the various parts of your life, and place them in a new pattern.  That new pattern will be the beginning of the changes that you hope to make in the coming year.  Angelite will be an essential tool for receiving insights.  White Aventurine shows you how to use them.


Number of the day:  2


While we look for it in different ways, everyone craves peace and harmony in their life.  2 helps us to find that and reminds us that sometimes it is found in the most unusual of places.  Honey Calcite supports your quest.



MONDAY 12/31/12


While you are visualizing and planning for something new in your life, Mars and Uranus give you a nudge towards action.  They are in a sextile position that gives us the courage to take risks and be assertive.  It doesn't matter how bold your ideas are because you have the will and the confidence to make anything happen.  Have faith in yourself and your abilities.  Whatever it is that you plan to achieve (not just hope but actually plan!) - you can do it!  Say goodbye to the old year and the old you, because something new is ready to emerge.  Black Kyanite helps you manifest the best outcome for your actions and Moss Agate provides a boost of abundance to your new ventures.


Number of the day:  3


Optimism is going to take you anywhere and everywhere that you want to go.  Be positive and confident and let 3 show you how exciting and abundant that your life can be. Black Onyx will encourage your attitude.



TUESDAY 01/01/13


It is a time for the dreamers and the do-ers when Mercury and Neptune are working together in a productive sextile.  Neptune in Pisces offers us insight and intuitive bursts that show us the life of our dreams.  Mercury in Capricorn gives us the base to make those dreams a reality.  It is the perfect marriage of practicality and imagination.  It is where all truly great things come from and it is a perfect start to what is going to be an incredible year.  Tanzanite will amplify your intentions and add sparkle to your imagination.  Green Tourmaline sets you off on the right path.


Number of the day:  8


It is a new year and a new pattern emerges that begins with the number for balance and power.  It is fabulous to have dreams and to want them to come true - but you need to work for it and that is what 8 can help you to accomplish.  Don't just think about - do it and see how fast your realities are even better than those dreams.  Clear Quartz amplifies your focus and Mahogany Obsidian shows you how to make things happen.

Posted on December 25, 2012
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