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WEEK OF 12/24/14 - 12/30/14 

Wednesday 12/24/14

Mercury and Uranus are going to put your mental gears in motion to produce new ideas and goals.  This is an exciting transit and you’re going to want to begin putting those thoughts into actions - but you may want to put the brakes on for the moment.  While your thoughts are plentiful they will also be scattered and that lack of focus will make it difficult to be productive.  It won’t be easy to stick to your present routines and you don’t want to add to that potential stress.  And of course unpredictable Uranus is likely to throw some detours in your path.  Mars and the Moon will give you even more incentive to keep it all internal right now.  You don’t want to waste your lively emotions on working too hard when you could just be enjoying yourself.  Blue Tiger Eye can offer some clarity and encourage you to trust your instincts.  Carry or wear a Garnet to illuminate your enthusiasm and happy energy.

Number of the day: 7

7 will help you to think before you act.  Its introspective qualities are valuable since they remind you to slow down and not react without contemplation.  Dioptase enhances your insight and plans. 

Thursday 12/25/14

We are attuned mentally and important breakthroughs are very possible with the combined power of a Mercury/Pluto transit.  This is an enlightening transit but it has a very practical vibe that is likely to result in realistic changes. You may find yourself brushing aside extraneous stuff from a desire to get right to the heart of things.  Your observational skills are keen and you want to delve into everything for a complete understanding.  A Mercury/Chiron sextile takes this energy to a more personal level where you want to learn more about others.  You will really understand the difference between hearing and listening to someone and potentially discover a way to manage an old challenge.  Once again you will be excited about turning your new findings into actions but the pace is going to be slow for a while, so it is imperative to relax any self-imposed timelines.  Rose Quartz will help you slow yourself down to enjoy, while Malachite amplifies all the positive energies of the day.

Number of the day: 8

8 will help you manage the day and reap the rewards.  Be practical, organized and focused and success will follow.  Kyanite keeps you on task. 

Friday 12/26/14

Have you noticed anything different in the air?  A few days ago Saturn made a temporary move into Sagittarius following its 2+ year journey through Scorpio.  It will be moving back into Scorpio later in 2015, but for now you can enjoy the difference in the energy.  Saturn in Sagittarius can help you to break free of monotony and enable you to find innovative ways to make things happen.  You may have had some truths revealed under the harsh scrutiny of Saturn in Scorpio and now you have a chance to do something about them. A Mercury/Saturn semi-square today is the perfect opportunity to set you on that path to making positive changes.  If something wasn't done right or is not as good as you could make it, then you are going to notice it now and be driven to re-do it.  This is a second chance to get things right so focus on making things better instead of making things worse by beating yourself up.  Carry Carnelian as a reminder of the strength and endurance of your personal power.  Lapis Lazuli will help you uncover your inventive and positive ideas to institute amazing changes in your life.

Number of the day: 9

.A new cycle is about to begin and you’re ready to move forward unencumbered.  9 can help you uncover what has been keeping you down or holding you back and then let it go. Use Dalmatian Jasper for a healthy release of the past. 

Saturday 12/27/14

You want to trust your instincts right now because they’ll take you where you need to go.  A Sun/Neptune sextile late yesterday is bringing us an atmosphere that will strengthen and invigorate your intuition and perceptions.  This is a particularly good time for selfless acts of kindness.  Even though you won’t be looking for them, you could see some incredible benefits from helping others, including feeling awesome and being an inspiration for others.  Chalcedony will complement your dedication to making a difference by helping you to find recipients of your kindness.  Use Iolite for a deeper understanding of what your inner being wants you to know.

Number of the day: 1

1 is the number of an epiphany and if there was ever a time for one it is now.  Use Optical Calcite to put yourself in tune with the Universe and see what messages are for you. 

Sunday 12/28/14

Jupiter is in a retrograde phase which may be delaying your efforts at growth, but have faith in the Universe because this is going to work in your favor.  Today Jupiter meets up with Venus to emphasize all of those things that you want - but figuring out how to get them may not be as easy.  It will be hard to find the balance that enables you to get what you want and feel satisfied.  Later, Jupiter moves into a transit with the Sun where doubts prevail as you believe your expectations are too high and unrealistic to be achieved.  This is when you can really appreciate the planetary slowdown of a retrograde period.  Jupiter’s retrograde will diminish the negative influences of these transits while giving you time and space to consider the positive lessons to be found in your reactions to the energy.  We also have a Mercury/Mars sextile which offers some productive and enthusiastic energy to distract you.  This is a good time to tackle tasks that you have been putting off and closing the day with a feeling of accomplishment.  That feeling will put you in the right mind frame to remember that you have what it takes to accomplish anything.  So how could it be possible to aim too high?  Turquoise will keep you confident and optimistic, while Red Jasper helps you get things done efficiently and effectively.

Number of the day: 2

2 is your numeric equivalent of a cheerleader.  It will help you to find steadfast faith and unwavering support when you need it the most.  Serpentine will enable you to feel and use this abundant energy. 

Monday 12/29/14

This is an excellent day to take it easy.  The holiday season is winding down, a New Year is on the horizon and Mercury and Neptune are going to scramble any attempts at logic.  No one will be thinking clearly and attempts to get what you want may not easily yield the desired results.  If you can leave important things for another day you want to do so and if not, then take your time to fully understand all of the details that will try to elude you.  If you do have important situations to deal with today, don’t panic and think that nothing will work out well.  You just want to be proactive, positive and diligent and of course you will accomplish your goals.  Blue Lace Agate can bring you some peace if you feel blocked by the energy.  Use Black Obsidian to recognize when issues can wait for another day and to allow you to deal with the ones that cannot in a positive manner.

Number of the day: 3

3 is here to remind us to try not to take it all so seriously.  There may be a lot going on and it may even be challenging but a light hearted perspective and a sense of humor will make it all so much easier.  Kunzite will remind you to keep smiling. 

Tuesday 12/30/14

The trend that began yesterday with Mercury and Neptune continues, but now it is a Mercury/Jupiter influence that will make it a challenge to get anything done.  Jupiter loves to push you to excess which can be motivational, but right now it will just cause undue stress.  It will be very easy to underestimate the focus and resources that things will require to be successful.  It will be just as easy to shrug it off and plunge ahead anyway.  Take a cue from Jupiter in retrograde and slow down and check everything two or even three times before you commit yourself to a course of action or a new venture.  That extra moment of caution will keep you from being disappointed in yourself and the results of your hard work.    Violet Sapphire will help you slow things down to a manageable pace.  Use Orange Aventurine to keep your confidence intact.

Number of the day: 4

Keep to your schedule and accomplish your tasks - there will be a better time to play later.  4 keeps you focused and on the straight and narrow.  Carry Brown Jasper to reap the benefits. 


Posted on December 23, 2014
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