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WEEK OF 04/19/17 - 04/25/17

Wednesday 04/19/17

The Sun moves into Taurus tomorrow marking a time for us to take in our surroundings and appreciate them.  You will feel the grounding effects of this energy as you understand the importance of valuing the present.  You don't want to allow the "now" to pass you by while your focus is intent on what is ahead.  You have a greater appreciation for material comforts and rewards and you are eager to do the work to maintain what is most important to you.   The Sun begins this new period with a conjunction with Mercury where alignment is emphasized.  You know exactly what you want and that is your first step towards attaining it.  You may see that you have everything you need and simply want to focus on enjoying it more. You will recognize things that need your attention but you won't see them as obstacles.  Instead, it is a chance for you to put your skills to work making good things happen for yourself and others.  Use Rhodonite to utilize your assets to their fullest.  Sharing is very favorable within this influence as you can communicate your intentions, hopes and plans directly and sincerely.  Green Kyanite will enhance your interactions and make them impactful for everyone.


Thursday 04/20/17

What do you need to feel secure?  It seems like a simple question but it can feel quite complicated.  The clarity of the Taurus Sun mixed with the energy of Mercury and Mars will deliver answers swiftly and enable you to take quick, decisive action.  It's going to be a busy day, but you will feel well and accomplished throughout the process.  You will never feel overwhelmed when you know you have control of the situation.  That is the kind of atmosphere you are working within right now.  You know how to get what you want and you have everything you need to make things happen.  You are aware of your power and that makes all the difference.  Citrine will heighten your productivity as you may set out to do one thing and end up resolving several issues at once.  Wear or carry Amazonite to match your cheerful attitude as you masterfully tackle one project after another.  Remember to relax and enjoy the rewards of your success.


Friday 04/21/17

It’s been smooth sailing the last few days, but now you will encounter a little turbulence with Venus and Saturn in a square.  Your confidence in what you want and your ability to get it remains intact but now you are getting some pushback.  You’ll be able to manage the outer challenges that come your way much easier than any inner ones.  Fear, doubt and a general negativity could creep into your thoughts.  You sense that things may not be as easy as you first thought, so work with Black Onyx to prevent yourself from giving in to any urge to give up or compromise.  If you need to slow down and regroup this is the perfect time to do it.  You are going to be feeling sensitive and you want to honor those feelings. Aqua Aura reminds you that taking a break won’t result in personal or material failure.  Just don’t start up until you are feeling more positive. 


Saturday 04/22/17

There continues to be a level of stress in the atmosphere as your imagination kicks into overdrive.  Mercury and Neptune are in a semi-square and that is producing all kinds of ideas and projections – just not the pleasant kind!  This is the kind of energy where even if something good happens, you have a hard time enjoying it.  You are not able to completely trust anything and that suspicion will affect everything you do and every interaction you encounter.  Sodalite will relieve the pressure you are feeling to be vigilant about protecting yourself from imminent harm.  If you relax you will realize that much of what you are feeling is self-created and not a real threat.  You do want to listen when you instinct won’t be quiet and demands to be heard.  This is good energy to be forewarned about issues that will need your intention.   Bronzite will help consider each situation with an objective and optimistic outlook.


Sunday 04/23/17

Your attitude is exuberant and your approach is forceful with Mars and Jupiter encouraging you to go after what you want.  Failure is almost inconceivable, but remember you are dealing with planets whose energy naturally goes to extremes.  They could drag you along with them, making you overly confident and unnecessarily competitive.  This makes it easy to miss details, ignore your instincts and pass by important information.  This could prove costly if you are not careful.  Scapolite will help you use this energy wisely and direct it in the most efficient manner.  You don’t want to waste it.  Things calm down later in the day when Mercury in Venus bring in a welcoming social atmosphere.  Take a break and do things you love with people that you enjoy. It’s a good time to recognize the positive difference it can make in your life to be part of a tribe that supports each other and knows how to have some fun.  Clear Quartz reminds you that life isn’t all about achieving goals – it is meant to be relished!  


Monday 04/24/17

You have a clear head and sensible attitude as a Mercury/Saturn trine makes everything simple and direct.  You have the ability to be very productive during this influence as you are organized, decisive and willing to ask for what you need to complete a goal.  Tiger Eye supports your efforts as you use this energy to gain some ground using practical procedures.  Your interactions will be focused, so you may not feel like engaging in small talk and pleasantries.  Everyone will have the same mindset, so don’t worry about appearing unfriendly.  Herkimer Diamond will keep things harmonious while encouraging everyone to focus on the business at hand.  You can expect a great deal of satisfaction at work well done and measurable achievements by the end of this day.        


Tuesday 04/25/17

You want to make things better today as you feel the effects from last night’s Mercury/Chiron transit.  This energy won’t manifest itself in an obvious or aggressive way.  It is more of a subtle state of mind where you instinctively know where you can make a positive impact through your communications and actions.  A kind word or sympathetic ear will make a huge difference to others.  You sense when you can comfort and support others and your world, so you are eager to exercise your power. Labradorite encourages you to trust those instincts and do what feels right.   You won’t be thinking about how your good deeds will come back to you because it just won’t matter.  Black Tourmaline lets you use that selfless, open-minded attitude to look at other issues and situations in your life for a fresh perspective. 



Posted on April 17, 2017
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