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Mercury in a trine with Chiron gives us the opportunity to both listen and to be heard. If there is something important that needs to be communicated, this is a good time for it. Mercury in Capricorn will help you stick to the facts and get your point across easily while Chiron in Pisces will enable you to take in new information and transform it in a positive way. Amber will clear any negativity creating a path for positive communication and self-expression.




There is a lovely grounding influence over the next few days thanks to an upcoming trine between Saturn and Venus. It can be difficult (and not much fun!) to be realistic about Love and Money - but these are the areas that tend to get us in trouble when they are out of control! Use this upcoming influence to bring order to any chaos you may be feeling in these areas. Selenite has the calming properties that will help you utilize the best of this energy.




If you've got something to research or a mystery to solve, Mercury and Pluto join up in Capricorn to make your efforts pay off. Just be cautious you don't let the obsessive qualities of Pluto take over making you compulsive and slightly combative! A Bloodstone will aide in your detective work and Amethyst will help to keep the OCD away.




Venus conjuncts Neptune ushering in a harmonious and creative energy. This is typically an impractical influence where we can easily be ruled by sentiment and emotion above all else. But today the grounded aspect of Saturn adds to the mix making this a good time to be imaginative - be artistic - be outgoing! If you look for something magical - today is the day you just may find it! Black Kyanite will support your creative efforts.




Venus moves into Pisces today bringing about a change in our attitudes regarding Love and Money. If you've felt a little lost in these areas....maybe not very hopeful that things will ever is the time to re-adjust your attitude. Pisces is a very creative sign and this influence will bring an increase in inspiration and hope over the upcoming weeks. Chrysoprase will enhance your hopeful efforts and Apatite will help bring about any changes that you would like to see.




There is a happy overall influence when Venus and Jupiter are in sextile transit. Enjoy the cheerful and optimistic atmosphere. Financial considerations are especially favorable as long as they are realistic - Jupiter in Taurus demands that you are reasonable. Moonstone will help you make the most of this cooperative influence.




You may feel the need to make others happy today even if it means denying your true self. Venus conjuncts Chiron making us feel the need to prove ourselves to others. It is also too easy under this influence to put too much effort into holding on to something that really just needs to be let go. Axinite is excellent to help you see what should be let go and replaced and Rhodonite will give you the confidence to be matter what.




Saturn merges with the Moon in Libra bringing about the possibility of delays and disappointments. Saturn demands that you follow the rules so stayed focused and power though and you'll be fine. Fluorite will balance any chaos during this time and help you to see the positive.

Posted on January 10, 2012

  I really enjoyed this article.It really follows along with others I've read.  (Submitted by: Deb on January 10, 2012)

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