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Book Review:

“Sacred Stones and Crystals”

Authors: Philip Permutt & Lyn Palmer

ISBN: 9781907563652 ©2011

A friend told me about “Sacred Stones & Crystals” before it was released and asked if I would review it. To be honest, I wasn’t all that familiar with Philip Permutt’s books, but agreed to write up a review.  Blessing in disguise, I realized.  I purchased the book, read it and shouted (to no one in particular), “It’s about time!”  Philip Permutt and his wife, Lyn Palmer have put together a lovely gem – no pun intended – of a book that was a breath of fresh air away from the ordinary.  They discuss crystals and gems, yes, but they also delve into the mysteries and insights to be found in “ordinary” stones and pebbles that one might find in their own backyard, in a stream bed, on a beach or a walk through the woods.

Not only do stones possess the same energy that crystals do, but coming upon a stone that catches your eye on a walk or while digging in the garden may have a reason behind it. That stone you picked up, held in your hand and took inside probably picked you for a particular purpose. They are, as Mr. Permutt points out, “Stone People”.  There’s history behind them, possibly hundreds or even thousands of years, and each one, no matter how large or small, has a story to tell. 

From monolithic sacred stone sites to the smallest pebbles and beautiful crystals in between, “Sacred Stones & Crystals” gives us a rare and inviting look into how we can gain a better understanding of the sacredness that inhabits them. The book contains lovely photos of the authors’ own collection of crystals and stones and how they are used. It goes on to more creative ways to enhance your stones by painting them, using them in your home as decorative pieces and sending their energy throughout.  There are chapters on practical uses for your stone and crystal collection as well as programming, cleansing, making a medicine bag and more. The latter chapters deal with crystal healing techniques. The book also contains further resources and a helpful index.

One of the things that made the book even more enjoyable was the snippets throughout the book of personal anecdotes told by the authors, and the tidbits of history throughout.   They have certainly shed new light onto the crystal world.

I believe I have finally discovered why my mother always picked up white rocks on our numerous trips to the beach when we were young and why I would rather walk along the edges of a creek bed near our home and gather a stone or two while my husband and sons swim.  Every stone and crystal has a story to tell – we just have to be quiet long enough to listen.

-Sonia Acone

Healing Crystals Expert

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Posted on December 31, 2013

  Thank you, Sonia, for this excellent review which helped me decide to order the book! Your review should be on Amazon! Especially since Amazon doesn't show a peek inside the book, your review has been the best one i've found on google.  (Submitted by: Bette on January 28, 2016)

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