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  This was a good question with a very feasible answer. I also am an Empath and have Moldavite from Southeast Asia and I have yet to connect with it. I just keep trying, as when the stone is ready and the vibrations are right, you will connect. Sometimes these things don't happen in our time, but the stones time. Just have patience and keep trying as I do, as some of these stones have a 'mind' of their own and work when they are ready. Good luck and Bless...OZ  (Submitted by: OZ on February 27, 2011)
  Dears L and OZ,

There is no such thing as a "Moldavite from South East Asia". Moldavites come only from the Czech Republic and
adjacent countries (Austria, Germany; 80% of Moldavites are from the Czech Republic and the remaining 20%
come from Austria, Germany and even Poland). Unfortunately someone sold you some piece of glass claiming it
is Moldavite but it's not. Next time you decide to buy a piece of Moldavite make sure you contact a Czech dealer.
You can find them easily on Ebay. Blessings always, Alice Bronstein  (Submitted by: Alice B on March 11, 2016)
  I agree with different vibrations with stones and its owner. I also own Moldavite from Southest Asia and I am an Empath and I am still waiting to resonate with my Modavite. So the time is not right for me yet. I let it rest and go back and try again. The stones have a 'mind' of their own so just have patience, for when the stone is ready, it will connect with you. Good luck and Bless....  (Submitted by: OZ on February 27, 2011)