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  Heading for the Change myself, I've found one crystal supremely helpful, which I didn't hear mentioned above: Morganite.

Morganite, the pink to peach, salmon-pink or, occasionally, mauve form of Beryl, is amazing for the emotional aspects of the menopause and perimenopause. For those of us who aren't really ready to let go of our fertile years yet, Morganite can help us accept the changes and move forward with grace. Its gentle heart energies serve well to calm down errant emotions - I even employ it in case of nightmares - and it can also help with cellular regeneration. I got my first one when I was 13 (that's 31 years ago now), and it has explicitly told me that it's here for me now I'm in perimenopause and as this phase of my life finishes.

Love and Light.  (Submitted by: Cherry on November 28, 2021)
  I am so thankful you two talked about all the symptons too....I dont feel as alone in this journey. I often feel its such a dang trial and error. I am not a fan of pharmacology and really dont want to do hormone stuff. I use the crystals and add them to my healing devices Thank you. Suzanne  (Submitted by: Suzie on December 07, 2016)
    (Submitted by: Zsazsa on August 06, 2014)