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Fast delivery, Nice quality!
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I have two of these now!! I have the small one AND the larger one. I LOVE BOTH OF THEM. If you are hesitate on which one to buy, PLEASE buy the larger one! The larger one sits on my altar table and I use it for water offerings! The smaller one is used as a salt/Earth holder on my mini-altar. I love them both, but the large one is by far my favourite!
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this is a great purchase very worth it
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BEAUTIFUL. Goddess bless because this bowl was one of the most beautiful things in my order. It is exactly as I imagined it. The feel is wonderful, it is gorgeous to look at, and when the sun hits it, I feel enlightened and warmed. It is a PERFECT compliment to my moss agate wand and my "mini" altar. I am very pleased with it.
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Prayer Bowl - Moss Agate Prayer Bowls (India)    [CBMOSS]

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