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Sessions & Classes - Animal Communication by Jeannie Vos    [SJEAN]
Sessions & Classes - Animal Communication by Jeannie Vos
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Jeannie Vos is an animal totem medium, animal communicator, clairvoyant and Reiki Master.  As an animal totem medium, Jeannie works with you to discover your sacred animal totem guides.  She uses a method called "Inner Totem Pole" in which she calls upon your 9 birth totems that represent your unique inner totem pole.  Jeannie sees each of your birth totems clairvoyantly.  She teaches you about their symbolism and how each totem assists your life purpose or higher calling.  As you evoke these sacred helpers, there is an inner recognition of how each totem reflects your inner spiritual nature, traits, characteristics, personality and skills. 

As an animal communicator, Jeannie connects with your animal companion, receiving and interpreting messages for you, allowing you a deeper understanding and connection with your beloved pet.  Jeannie helps obtain information regarding health issues, behavioral issues, relationship with you and/or family members and other animals, habits, diet and emotional issues.  Each session includes Reiki therapy and other healing modalities.

Jeannie teaches animal communication courses, level 1 and level 2, through international tele-conference workshops and maintains a Facebook group for the practice and further learning for those who take her courses.

Jeannie is also a Reiki Master and uses Reiki therapy during all Totem sessions and Animal Communication sessions.  She is also an animal totem writer, having published articles in metaphysically-based magazines, such as Spirit Magazine, Psychic Journey and Faerie Magazine.



Facebook Pages:

Facebook Group for Animal Communication:

Twitter:  @TotemDiscovery

Instagram:  @jeanniev88

Totem Sessions:

"Inner Totem Pole" Session - 60 minutes - $60.00
Discover your 9 Life Path Birth Animal Totems - Jeannie will assist you to discover your sacred totem guides, which she sees clairvoyantly.  You will learn their unique symbolism and how each totem assists you on your life path.  You will receive an "Inner Totem Pole" chart by email that includes specific info and symbolism for each Animal Totem.  You will receive Reiki during this session.

Animal Path Medicine Wheel Session - 90 minutes - $75.00

Discover your 9 Life Path Birth Totems and 13 Support Totem Animals. 

Your unique 9 life path birth totems form your inner totem pole, which corresponds to your body's major chakra system or energy system.  Each of the animal totems corresponds to a major chakra life path and also to one of the 9 directions (East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Right, Left and Within). These correspondences are used to interpret how your animal totems can help you along the path of your Earth Walk, and aid you in a deeper level of self-discovery.  Your 13 support totem animals are helpers and message bringers. They assist you with key life lessons - personal, inspirational, and spiritual.  During this session you will receive Reiki therapy.  You will also receive your individualized Inner Totem Pole chart and 13 Support Totems Chart by email.

4 Sacred Directions Totem Helpers Session - 30 Minutes - $35.00

 ~ Nature Totems or Animal Totems ~

The symbolism and life path connections of the directions of the 4 winds.  Our Animal and Nature Totem Helpers come to us at times of life changes, life lessons and life challenges. These powerful helpers come to assist us, guide us, protect us, teach us; they "whisper" clairaudient messages to us to help us on our life path.

~The direction of East relates to your Heart chakra and the life pathway of compassion, love and spiritual connection.
~The direction of South relates to your Solar Plexus chakra and the life pathway of emotions, personality and characteristics.
~The direction of West relates to your Sacral chakra and the life path relationships.
~The direction of North relates to your Base or Root chakra and the life pathway of physical health, home and heart, finance and career - all things we do in our physical life.

Nature Totems = Spirit Helpers including plants, minerals, trees, land forms, elementals; all things in nature.  Animal Totems = Animal Spirit Helpers.

Animal Totem & Crystal Numerology Reading - $45.00

Every person is born onto the Earth with a unique birth number and numerologists believe that each number vibrates to a unique frequency.  In this reading, Jeannie will calculate your unique Life Path number using your birth date and match your number with the animal totems and crystals which hold the same number and frequency.  

The crystals and animal totems that match your number resonate with the life purpose you came to work on during this lifetime.  These helpers have unique qualities which are needed to assist you along your path, so knowing their symbolism and meanings can assist you with your personal development. 

Your Personal Life Path Numerology Number:   Jeannie will calculate your Life Path Numerology number using your date of birth.  The result will be a number between 1 and 9.  In addition, if your life path number is a double digit (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99), these are called Master numbers.  Your Life Path number reveals an outline of the traits you will carry through this Earth walk.

Your Animal Totem & Crystal Numerology Reading Includes:
~ Calculation of your Life Path numerology number.
~ Descriptive outline of your unique personality traits, skills, abilities, characteristics of your Life Path number. 
~ A list of animal totems that resonate to the vibration of your Life Path number.  Your list of unique animal totems will include their symbolism.
~ A list of the crystals that resonate to the vibration of your Life Path number.  Your list will include descriptive information about each crystal. 
~ Typed report emailed to you.

Crystal and Totem Meditation Journal:   It is recommended that you start a journal and connect with each animal totem individually and hold each crystal individually in meditation (you can purchase your crystals at  Animal totems and crystals are spiritual beings who will lovingly share their wisdom and teachings with you.

Meditation:  Close your eyes. Call upon white light to surround you and protect you.  Take some deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.  When you are relaxed, imagine the animal totem you chose to work with is standing in front of you or with the crystal you chose to work with in your hand and ask for the message they would like to share with you at this time.  Any information that comes to you (whether it is sound, temperature changes, words, images, energetic sensations, numbers, letters, colors, symbols or anything you can perceive) take note of and observe what you receive.  You may also ask questions.  Once you have received your message, open your eyes and journal your experience.  

Animal Totem Tarot Readings:

12-month Forecast Animal Totem Tarot Reading $40.00

What does your next 12 months have in store for you? This 12-month forecast reading will assist you in planning your year ahead.  Your Spirit Team (Spirit Guides, Elders, Teachers, Angels and Animal Totems) will assist me with the energies of your unique reading and also with the animal totem card that will be drawn for each month; along with animal totem and spirit team messages.

10-Card - Celtic Cross Animal Totem Tarot Reading  $40.00

Deck:  Animal-Wise Tarot by Ted Andrews

1.  General Reading - The message will reflect messages your Spirit Guardians wish for you to know at this time. 
2.  Specific Reading - The message of this reading is geared toward a specific question/issue you request (Relationship, Career, health, etc.).

The Celtic Cross Spread consists of 10 cards (Representation of you, challenges, causes/foundation, the past, goals, the future, how others see you, your environment, lesson, the outcome.)  

When ordering this reading please give the following info:  Your choice of general reading or specific reading.  Thank you!


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Sessions & Classes - Animal Communication by Jeannie Vos    [SJEAN]

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