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What Crystal will Help Me with Negativity at Work?
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What Crystal will Help Me with Negativity at Work?
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Here is a question from one of our customers:

Q:  I am a nice person; I go from one location to location for my work. The staffs always make negative re- marks about my work.
I do my job very well but no one seems to like me, I don't know why people just do not like me. My manager is not a nice person. She pretends she cares and is there to support me but she is a back stabbing person. I would like to know which crystal to buy to protect me at work ; love and spiritual guide.


Good Morning,

You know, I remember a great quote someone shared with me once ~ "What other people think of me is none of my business." Dennis Kucinich
And it is so true! Listen, you do a good job, you are a nice person. All the other stuff is just drama that you do not need, right? :)

Let me recommend some crystals that I truly think will help you. First, I am going to recommend Rhodochrosite. This is one of those stones that just exudes loving energy. It helps to really feel, deep down, the love we have for ourselves and each other. It allows the holder to see that sure, we all have issues, but what we all want, deep down, is to be heard, acknowledged and accepted. Rhodochrosite fills us with all loving and all accepting energies.

Chrysocolla is soothing and calming in times of stress, and brings about gentle release.  Chrysocolla helps with wise and truthful communication, but can also be used to balance and strengthen the Heart Chakra, helping one to learn how to live from the truth of the Heart.

I would also suggest Amethyst and Black Tourmaline. These stones both help to protect and remove/release negativity.
The strong healing powers of Amethyst can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energy to love energy.

Black Tourmaline is used for protecting the energy field against negative vibrations and drawing negative energies away from a person.  It can have a calming effect when needed, grounding flighty or scattered energies into the earth.  Those who suffer from negativity and frequent worry can work with Black Tourmaline to help heal these issues.

I also want to recommend a series of articles on Removing Negative energies found in the Healing Crystals Archive.

I know work situations can be challenging and frustrating. We have all had a job at some point similar to what you have described. Just remember, practice staying in a place of love. I think you will find that as you practice this, others will notice and your work situation will change.

with love and crystal blessings,

Posted on February 12, 2011
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