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Social Anxiety & Menopause
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Social Anxiety & Menopause
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From: Wanda
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 12:41 PM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Hello and blessings!

Is there a specific crystal to help in the healing of a social anxiety disorder?

Is there a crystal to help ease menopause symptoms - hot flashes,ect..?



Hi Wanda~

Thank you for visiting our website.  I've done a little research on Social Anxiety Disorder, and I would have to say that I have experienced a mild form of this in my own life.  I venture to guess that most people probably have some of the symptoms associated with the disorder.  This type of social phobia is known to occur in roughly 15 million adults in America, and is equally distributed among men and women.  It is believed to have both psychological and biological causes, and the most common treatments include psychotherapy and medications.  What has helped me with my own mild manifestation of this phobia was a great deal of self-discovery.  This includes allot of meditation, and research on the universe, magick, and law of attraction.  I cannot promise that these things will help you, but I would imagine that it would be worth a try.  Before I go any further, I have to tell you that I am not a doctor and therefore cannot give you professional advice. However as a tarot reader and energy worker, I can give you advice as a friend, and you can decide whether or not it fits your needs.  

I feel that allot of my symptoms regarding this issue originate from my lack of self-esteem, which in itself was born of my upbringing.  Since there was nothing I could do to change that, inner work was what helped me in the long run.  I have tried to come up with crystals that offer help with your symptoms from both of your issues, and also to help you on your own path of self-discovery.  

One crystal that is good for anxiety is Kunzite.  Kunzite works with the Heart, Throat, and Third-Eye Chakras, to bring in energies from higher realms that can open up the flow between these chakras.  Kunzite is great for deepening the meditative state necessary to break ground in ones inner work.  Deep meditations may bring up some unpleasant memories, but it will offer the loving support you need to get through it, and the higher energies needed to process and integrate them.  Kunzite is also known to bring vibrations of great peace and serenity, offering calmness even in chaotic social situations, making it helpful to carry with you when you are out and about.  If you would like to see some Kunzite, we have some here:

Ruby is a wonderful stone for self-love and self-esteem.  Protective and supportive, Ruby is also a great healing crystal, which can ameliorate some symptoms of menopause.  Powerful Ruby is associated with both the Root and Heart Chakras, and can draw in positive energies into them, strengthening these centers of life-force and love.  Also known as a good-luck stone, Ruby offers strong encouragement to follow ones bliss in life, which in turn can help manifest ones dreams.  Ruby can enhance confidence, and is said to stimulate the kundalini.  Ruby can provide support for both social situations and your inner work.  You might also take a look at the item description for Ruby Zoisite, which you will find on this page:

Another crystal I was thinking about for you is Pyrite.  Pyrite is a very protective stone that can deflect negative energies and strengthen the aura.  Using Pyrite with the Third-Eye Chakra can help to attract the power of the Sun to help with intellectual issues.  Pyrite promotes emotional well-being by enhancing the energetic connections between the Root, Solar-Plexus, and Third-Eye Chakras, and can be used in prosperity rituals.  Pyrite also helps with seeing beyond facades, including your own.  Pyrite is also believed to help heal DNA.  We offer some Pyrite items at this page:

The crystal I feel would be most beneficial for menopause is Citrine, which cleanses the chakras.  Citrine is believed by many to help control hot flashes and balance the yin and yang.  Working with the Sacral, Solar-Plexus, and Third-Eye Chakras, Citrine can enhance the energy flow between these chakras, ameliorating symptoms of menopause.  Citrines ability to provide emotional support makes it a wonderful ally for social situations. Citrine transmutes, but does not absorb or hold, negative energies, so you don't have to cleanse it.  We have a nice selection of Citrine on this page:

If you are new to working with crystals, please take a look at our newsletter archive, especially those articles on cleansing and programming, here:

I hope this information helps you.  Just remember that all the answers are within you, just have to learn how to turn on, and listen to, your inner voice.  That may take some practice and patience, but it is possible.  If you decide to pick up some crystals, please try to spend some time with each one, to get attuned to its specific energies.  I wish you many blessings for your inner growth.

Peace and Love,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on March 14, 2008
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