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Psychic Tool Box, Part 2 of Improving Psychic Abilities
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Psychic Tool Box, Part 2 of Improving Psychic Abilities
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Psychic Tool Box, Part 2 of Improving Psychic

By Lourdes Lebron


Most of us want to improve our abilities, but don’t know where to begin.  In this article I’d like to suggest “tools” that will help you achieve your goals.  When many of us think of psychics what comes to mind is a woman with a crystal ball, a Tarot deck, or an Ouija board. I’d like to explore more options available to us that will nourish your psychic development.

Crystals can be used in various ways to enhance your talents.  The following list consists of crystals that I recommend in your psychic toolbox:

Moonstone – Enables communication from spiritual beings.

Pietersite – Unblocks chakras to allow more psychic feedback.

Amethyst – Opens connections to the spiritual realm.

Sugilite – Increases depths and dimensions of dreams.

Charoite – Opens the Third Eye chakra, Crown chakra and Soul Star chakras.

Aqua Aura – Accelerates the ability to connect with higher vibrational beings.         

Tanzan Aura – Encourages clear communication of psychic dreams.

Lithium Quartz – Soothes worries to encourage receptiveness of higher guidance.

The first way to use these crystals is under your pillow.  When you go to sleep, you may wish to place one or more of these stones under your pillow.  They can increase your receptiveness to messages in your sleep.  You may need to try various crystals, or even a combination of crystals, to see which one works best for you.  I would suggest having enough on hand to rotate one each day so that they don’t burn out.  In the mornings, start writing down anything and everything you dreamed of during the night.  Although it may not make sense to write it down, there may be a pattern that develops over a week or two. You will need to check your dream dictionary for any unusual signs or symbols.  Let’s say you are in a car that is going faster than the speed of light and can’t slow down.  The car may be a metaphor for how you feel about your life.  Every aspect of the dream is important, including how you feel.

Another use for crystals is aiding in meditation.  Since I have a tendency to fidget or fall asleep, I place Clear Quartz crystals under my cushion or chair so that I don’t have to hold anything.  For some of you holding them is no problem so you can keep one in your non-dominant hand to receive the energy while you breathe.  Those of you who would rather recline, can place a crystal on your forehead, your throat, or one at the top of your head. Using crystals on all of your chakras may be too strong so experimentation is suggested.  Always do what is comfortable for you and what feels right.  What works for you one day, may not work for you the next day.  Try any of the crystals mentioned above for dreams when meditating.

Crystals can be used in combination with other tools too!  For those of you who do energy work, try using crystals while receiving energy from videos on YouTube. There are many videos that use energy like Reiki and sound to increase psychic ability.  After finding one that you like, place Clear Quartz in front of the screen, in your lap, or in your hands and play the video.  The energy will be enhanced through the crystal.

Here are some links to videos you may find work well with your crystals through energy, sound and/or color:

Reiki Group Energy – Works with whatever intention you set.

Journey into Altered States – An audio and visual experience.

 Frequency Awakening Intuition – Sound waves provide a unique auditory sensation.

Connecting with your Higher Self – A meditation to bring you into contact with your higher self.

YouTube also has many instructional videos on how to develop your psychic abilities, enhance your intuition, and even foster your mediumship skills.  Although not all videos will work for everyone, you are bound to find something that syncs with your energy and will assist you in attaining your goals.

Listed below are some instructional videos that may aid your quest for psychic development.

Connecting with your Higher Self – Doreen Virtue’s meditation to bring you into contact with your higher self.

Intuitive Insights – Offers simple tips on how to increase intuition.

What is intuition – Sonia Choquette discusses intuition and how it can be developed.

Herbs, flowers, and many plants can also be instrumental in your psychic pursuits.  Some may be found in their natural state; others may be found in candles, creams, and oils. Always use the form that you are most comfortable with.  Many of these come in oil form and although some oils can be placed on the skin when diluted, I recommend using an oil diffuser to achieve the same results and avoid skin allergies.  Since everyone has a different idea of what is pleasant, here is a list of common plants that you may find beneficial in your psychic pursuits.

Bay Leaves – Use the oil in a diffuser or just crumple a few leaves and smell them while meditating or breathing.

Calendula – The herb is found in many creams, a great way of receiving its benefits! Of course in a diffuser it also works well. This herb works well for those who wish to receive information in dreams.

Cinnamon – Many candles have this scent, providing a quick and easy method of inhaling this scent.  This herb can also be ingested and I sprinkle it on anything I can, especially before meditating.  Breaking cinnamon sticks in your hand will also provide the scent that is needed in meditation.

Clary Sage – Can provide vivid dreams for those who are more apt to gain insight through dreams.  This scent may not be as pleasant as other scents and is a matter of preference whether or not to use it.  You can place a few drops in a diffuser or take one or two whiffs from drops placed on a cotton ball.

Myrrh – The scent of this oil in an oil burner is my personal favorite method for working with this oil.

Sandalwood – This scent can easily be found in many incense sticks, candles and oil form. Use whichever type is most agreeable for you.

Star Anise – Can be found in herbal form as a spice. Simply smelling it can help induce a pleasurable sense of peace to those who find it fragrant.

Yarrow – Can be found in essences, oils, and creams.  Use in whichever formula you feel comfortable with.

If you don’t have the time or option to put oils in diffuses or light candles, many oils can be diluted in water and the sprayed on as a fragrance or room freshener.  As always use caution when using any of these plants.  Too much inhaling of any of them can lead to headaches.

For more tools and suggestions, please check out the list below. There are so many ways that you can improve your abilities and the ones mentioned briefly above are meant to whet your appetite.  Have fun experimenting with as many options as you can.  Developing psychic ability can be fun and should be approached with a child’s sense of wonder and excitement.


Suggested Reading

Baron –Reid, Colette – Messages from Spirit

Eason, Cassandra – The Complete Guide to Psychic Development

Hall, Judy – The Crystal Bible

Robinson, Lynn A.  – Divine Intuition

Scheffer, Mechthild – Bach Flower Therapy



Cunningham, Scott.  Magical Aromatherapy.  St. Paul, MN, 1989.

Ahsian, Naisha and Simmons, Robert.  The Book of Stones.  East Montpelier, VT, 2005.













Posted on February 10, 2012
    (Submitted by: Barbara on August 18, 2012)
  Thank you so much for sharing this good information.  (Submitted by: Sieglinde on February 26, 2012)
  Very well written. Great to see so many tools in one article and with permission to the reader to experiment and how. thank you.  (Submitted by: Vernas Healing Touch on February 11, 2012)
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