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May 2008 Newsletter - Crown Chakra Crystals
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May 2008 Newsletter - Crown Chakra Crystals
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"Crystals for the Crown Chakra"
By Crystal CAT

The final main chakra in this series is the Crown Chakra.  Located at the very top and center of the head, the Crown Chakra is known as the seat of higher consciousness and cosmic awareness, and is our connection to our own divinity.  It is via the Crown Chakra that we are able to experience ultimate oneness, or unity.  It is believed that the halo featured in many paintings of Jesus, Mary, and the Apostles is an artistic interpretation of the fully opened and functioning Crown Chakra.  In a newborn, the Crown Chakra is wide open and fully functioning, while the rest of the chakras are quite small an barely opened.  This is why so many see newborns as spiritually wise and more connected to the spiritual realm, and is theorized to be why they sleep so much, as they are still very connected to the spiritual realm.  As the child grows, the Crown Chakra will settle down while the other chakras develop.  During childhood and adolescence, the lower and middle chakras are usually developed while the upper chakras remain rather dormant, to be developed as one enters adulthood.  

The Crown Chakra is connected to the Etheric layer of the aura (also known as the spiritual body), which is the last perceivable layer of the aura.  The Crown Chakra is the energy center from where we receive our spiritual guidance and inspiration.  Our connection to the universe is said to reside in the Crown Chakra.  The Crown Chakra rules the pituitary gland, although there is some disagreement to this, as was discussed in the last article on the Third-Eye Chakra and the pineal gland.  The corresponding color for the Crown Chakra is commonly known to be violet or purple, but many consider it to be white or clear.  Other Crown Chakra correspondences include the metal gold, the musical note B, and rather than planets, the Crown Chakra relates to the Universe.  A healthy functioning Crown Chakra allows us to achieve our complete spiritual development, and gives us a sense of unity with all that is.  When all other chakras are aligned and functioning with the Crown Chakra, one has a sense of wholeness and completeness, in union with Divine Source.  

A closed Crown Chakra may display as a sense of being cut-off from one‘s surroundings, or a feeling of alienation, as well as a lack of purpose.  Others with a closed Crown Chakra may exhibit a severe lack of faith in anything, a low self-esteem, and a general feeling that they are misunderstood.  This can occur as a result of negative experiences with religion or with a representative of that religion.  It can also happen when one, who has been devoted to a particular religion throughout life, suddenly discovers hypocrisy within that religion.  The unhealthy Crown Chakra can manifest physically in migraines, chronic exhaustion, many types of brain damage, nerve damage, and sometimes schizophrenia.  

An overactive Crown Chakra can manifest as a lack of values and ethics, general spaciness, an immature desire to be popular, a tendency for megalomania, a lack of boundaries, misuse of power, and egomania.  The Crown Chakra can become too open when there is childhood traumas, such as abuse, whether physical or emotional, leading one to become an abuser of power as well.  Physical symptoms that can result from the too wide-open Crown Chakra can include skin problems, muscle disorders, clumsiness, and oversensitivity to light and sound.  

The Crown Chakra can be helped by many different kinds of crystals.  Normally used crystals are clear, white, or violet, but not always.  Crystals commonly used for their Crown Chakra energies include:

Celestite (opening, aligning, and balancing)
Clear Topaz (activating)
Amethyst (clearing and balancing)
Danburite (clearing, opening, and stimulating)
Phenacite (opening and activating)
Optical Calcite (stimulating)
Clear Quartz (clearing, aligning, balancing, and activating)
Rutilated Quartz(clearing, balancing, and activating)
Selenite (balancing)

Celestite is a wonderful crystal for the Crown Chakra that carries a high vibration. A highly spiritual crystal, Celestite has a soothing energy about it that makes it helpful for achieving a deep state of meditation.  Celestite works with both the Crown and Throat Chakras to bring information from higher realms into the Throat Chakra to be communicated in a clear and non-threatening way.  Celestite has the unique property of bringing inner peace when one meditates with it.  Celestite can work as a cluster in the home to impart its calming spiritual vibe to all members of the household, creating an atmosphere of understanding for everyone.  Physically, Celestite offers pain relief and muscle relaxation, and is believed to have a detoxifying effect.

Clear Topaz works not only with the Crown Chakra, but also with the higher, Etheric Chakras, above the head.  This connection of energy brings greater communication from the higher self.  Clear Topaz has a purifying energy and can be helpful for opening the higher chakras for those who are having difficulty with their spiritual development.  Clear Topaz can deepen meditation, and is known to help those dealing with karma and past life issues.

Amethyst is commonly used with both the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras.  A powerful spiritual tool, Amethyst can clear and balance the Crown Chakra for deeper, more substantial spiritual work.  Amethyst is often used for issues of addiction, with its ability to open the mind to the root causes behind addictive behaviors.  Amethyst’s highly spiritual energies can be used with the Crown Chakra, during meditation, to gain a deeper understanding of the universe, and one‘s place within it.  Physically, Amethyst can help to balance out brain and nerve disorders, and to correct disorders of coordination.

Danburite is commonly used with the Crown Chakra to clear and open this energy center.  Many crystal lovers like to work with Danburite for its ability to effect the Crown Chakra, as well as the lesser known transpersonal chakras above the Crown Chakra.  Danburite stimulates the chakras from the Third-Eye up to those beyond the Crown, and opens one up to angelic communication.  Danburite can pull in the frequency of joy and universal love through the Crown Chakra to be integrated into the rest of the energy centers and pathways in the body.

Phenacite is a very high vibe crystal that works with both the Crown and Third-Eye Chakras.  By opening and activating both of these chakras, Phenacite can bring one’s vibrational frequency to a much higher level.  Phenacite pulls universal energy in through the Crown Chakra to be utilized by all of the chakras and Nadis for nourishment with light energy.  Meditating with Phenacite on the Crown Chakra can sometimes give one a physical sensation of the activity within this chakra, bringing the rest of the body up to a higher vibration.  Phenacite is helpful for all disorders of the brain.

Optical Calcite has a particularly high vibration, and works quite well with the Crown Chakra.  Well-known as a stone of the mind, Optical Calcite opens the Crown Chakra to receive higher information to help discern truth from fiction, making it great for students of all ages and types.  Optical Calcite works with the Crown Chakra to clear up confusion and enhance mental discipline.  Optical Calcite is a powerful cleanser of the Crown Chakra, helping to break up energy blockages, to clear the way for higher learning to take place.  By bringing higher energies into the Crown Chakra, Optical Calcite can greatly assist one in their  spiritual development.   Physically, Optical Calcite is good for the bones, joints, and can help with the body's absorption of calcium.

Clear Quartz, also called the “master healer” of the mineral kingdom, is known for balancing and aligning all the chakras, but can do wonderful clearing work on the Crown Chakra.  Many crystal lovers like to work with Clear Quartz for its high vibrational energies that are transferred through the Crown Chakra, down into the rest of the body, enhancing each of the subtle bodies and the entire aura.  Clear Quartz can aid memory and concentration, and sends healing energies to any area that is in need. Placing Clear Quartz on the Crown Chakra can clear and activate this energy center, allowing it to pull more energy in from the universal energy field.

Rutilated Quartz carries most of the benefits of Clear Quartz, and the Rutile within the Quartz acts as an antenna for spiritual vibrations.  Because it is easily programmed, Rutilated Quartz is a favorite among crystal healers who do a lot of Third-Eye and Crown Chakra work.  Meditating with Rutilated Quartz can bring clarity and focus, expansion of awareness, Divine inspiration, personal transformation, and attunement to higher energies.  Physically, Rutilated Quartz can help with memory loss, hair loss, and neurological disorders.

Selenite is a supportive Crown Chakra stone that offers a soothing, angelic vibe, making it a great crystal to enhance meditation.  Selenite is a very protective crystal that can shield one from outside, unnecessary influences that can sometimes pull an initiate off their path.  Selenite can open and balance the Crown Chakra, while clearing blockages from the subtle energy bodies, for a greater sense of peace and wholeness.  Meditating with Selenite can help one to discover deeper purposes behind any unpleasant experiences.

A well-functioning Crown Chakra is important in one’s development, and can help one to achieve peace and harmony in this lifetime.  A healthy Crown Chakra can contribute to knowledge of the perfection of the universe and one‘s place within it.  With crystals as your ally, Crown Chakra work can help to facilitate great personal growth, bringing higher knowledge and purpose into your physical existence.  Experimenting with these crystals in different combinations can yield some interesting experiences.

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Next month, we will move on to an overview of a few lesser known chakras…

Peace and Blessings,

Crystal CAT
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals is owned and operated by
Foundation for Balance and Harmony,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
"Dedicated to Healing the Planet, One Person at a Time"
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The suggested uses and metaphysical descriptions of the inventory items are our personal opinions and should be used at your discretion.  These suggestions are not intended to be used as medical advice.  If you resonate and like our suggestions and descriptions, please use them freely.  However, if you don't resonate or agree with any of them, please consider them for entertainment purposes only.  We have done our best to represent the crystals and minerals accurately and chosen only high quality items that we would use ourselves.  Please use your own intuition about what "feels" right for you.

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Posted on May 15, 2008
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