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How does a Pendulum Sway on a Balanced Chakra?
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How does a Pendulum Sway on a Balanced Chakra?
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Subject: How does a Pendulum Sway on a Balanced Chakra?
Date: 06/18/10
From: Erin
To: Healing Crystals

Yeah, everything was good with the order. I really love the pendulum. Do you know the right way the pendulum sways on each chakra, if it's balanced?

Thanks again for the good service.






Hi Erin,

Your question about pendulum swing was forwarded to me for some suggestions. Each person has a unique energy and as such, program their pendulum to respond to this unique energy. If you have programmed your pendulum (set up how it responds to a "yes", how it swings for a "no", etc.) it should work by simply providing a "yes" response when you ask, "Is the ___________ chakra balanced?"

There are two schools of thought here. The first school of thought is consistent with the article written by Shawn Adler below (ask the pendulum what a "yes" looks like and/or what a "no" looks like, etc.).

The other school of thought states that you should swing the pendulum a certain direction and verify the answer. This is the way I was taught many years ago. For instance, you could swing the pendulum up and down and state, "This will be the response, YES". Swing the pendulum from side to side and state, "This will be the response, NO", etc.

No matter which way you decide to go, do what feels best for you.

Here is a great article that gives step-by-step instruction. Once your pendulum is programmed, I believe you will be able to easily tell if the chakras are balanced :)

Working with Pendulums & Crystals
By Shawn Adler

Many energy workers use crystals during client sessions and for personal spiritual work. When preparing for a client, Reiki session or for a meditation, you may feel guided to use a crystal. There are thousands of different types of crystals to choose from and the prices vary quite a bit. Each crystal has a unique vibration or personality, and it is helpful to be intuitive when choosing your stones. The question is: which one to choose? A pendulum can help to provide guidance for this decision.

When working with a pendulum, begin by asking the pendulum to show you three answers or "positions”:

1. Yes
2. No
3. Maybe or Not Appropriate at this time.

After establishing what each answer “looks” like on your pendulum, it is always good to ask the following question: "These answers are from the Light and in my Highest Good?"

Next, it is helpful to be very particular about the phrasing of the question. An example would be:
"It is in our highest good to use a crystal today during our energy session?”
"It is in our highest good to use malachite today?”
“It is in our highest good to work on the heart chakra right now?”
“It is in our highest good to leave the stone on the heart chakra for 5 to 10 minutes right now.”

Other questions might be:
"It is in my highest good to buy this crystal today",
"It is our highest good to proceed with this balance",
"We are now complete", etc.

Try and avoid questions such as “I should do this…”, or questions used to predict the future. These types of questions are rarely in our Highest Good to know. Pendulums are a great way to receive higher guidance when used correctly.

I hope this has been helpful ;)

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on June 21, 2010
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