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How Do You Utilize Lemurian Seed Crystals for Protection and...
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How Do You Utilize Lemurian Seed Crystals for Protection and Healing?
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Here is a Question from One of Our Customers:

Q: I recently acquired a Lemurian Laser Wand, and on closer inspection it also turned out to be a Record keeper, and a Dow cyrstal( 3 alternate triangles, three seven sided faces). I am super excited about this treasure having found its way to me, but I'm also a little apprehensive. I'm new to the crystal scene, and I'm not very perceptive to energies as of now. I cleansed it(water, incense, moonlight) and charged it(moonlight and writing Om on its surface) and have used it in prayer for a day. I also asked it(not exactly programmed it, partly programmed it to " fill me and my surrounding with positivity and to evoke the Lemurian consciousness in me and my surroundings" that ok?
I read somewhere that holding a Laser wand in your right hand and encircling anything(person, object, house) creates a circle of light protection around it, so I encircled my house, and myself yesterday. I have a question though, when doing this where should the tip point, towards or away from me or upwards? and while i'm encircling myself, using my right hand, its going to point in a couple of directions because of the movement is that ok?
My second question is I heard it can be used to heal too, so i pointed it towards myself and said "i heal myself of all fear and replace the fear with positivity"...but i wasnt sure of what i was doing, so i stopped...I'm not sure if i can heal myself, or the right way to do so, should i leave it till I'm a little more experienced? I'm already using black tourmaline and smoky quartz for fear and negativity, and rose quartz for love. I'd love to hear your advice. I've been reading a lot of your articles, they are so informative! Thanks for posting them, and please keep them coming.


Dear V,
I must share the standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

Wow You are so fortunate that such a wonderful crystal has found its way to you at this time. I think I can answer both questions with one answer. So how to use a Laser wand and how to heal with a laser wand. The first thing I would say is use your intuition. If it feels right, it is right for you. While you can use both hands when using a wand, your dominant hand is your projective hand, and is normally used to send energy through a crystal. In otherwords, if you are right handed you would use your right hand, if left handed , your left hand. To use the wand to shield or heal, the point would point toward yourself. One way is to lay with the crystal bridging your chakra points to balance them out. The point of the crystal should point to the head or point up. To ground the point would point down. To heal a specific area, point the tip toward the area or it can be used as you would an accupressure wand.
As a record keeper, if you meditate with the crystal while holding it you may receive impressions or images pertaining to the information the crystal holds. It will not impart anything you can not handle.
Work with your new crystal. Learn from it and use it as you feel is right. It has chosen you to be its companion.

Roslyn Bohanan
Master Crystal Healer

"Privacy Statement: To help others learn, we typically post questions like yours to our online database of articles about crystal healing. We only use first names and take care to remove all last names and email addresses. If you prefer that we not post your first name or if you would prefer if we not to post your question at all, please let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate your request for privacy."

Posted on April 21, 2011
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