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Healing Crystals November 2013 Newsletter
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Healing Crystals November 2013 Newsletter
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November is already here and the holidays are just around the corner. It’s hard to believe 2013 is almost over! The holidays are a time of giving and thankfulness, but can also be emotional and stressful for a lot of people. Here at Healing Crystals we are thinking about ways the holidays can impact you and using crystals to help you have a positive experience. We have two new articles with lots of great ideas. You can also check out this great video from Lourdes and Tara on Crystals for Holiday Stress.

“7 Days of Gratitude” by Tara Mideaker is our first article. Why wait for Thanksgiving to show your gratitude? This article has ideas on giving thanks every day of the week. Black Agate, Apatite, and Golden Tiger Eye will help to get your gratitude week started.

Our second article this month is “Crystals for Holiday Stress” by Crystal Cosmopolitan. The holidays can be overwhelming and exhausting for some, and this article has great tips on how to keep your holidays joyful and stress-free. There are also recommendations for crystals to help you through, such as Peach Agate, Black Tourmaline and Lithium Quartz.

To help you prepare for the holidays, our limited time special offer this month is 15% off for the week of November 25 through December 2, 2013. To take advantage of this great offer, just use code HCHOLIDAY15 and you will also receive a free Medium/Large Tumbled Green Aventurine and a bonus Clear Quartz Point!

For anyone wishing to learn more about crystals, two of our experts, Lourdes and Tara, can be heard on the (Women for Women Network) on December 4 2013 at 4:00pm EST. If you can't make it, there will be replays available. Questions are welcomed.

The Healing Crystals Team

Now, on to our Newsletter...

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7 Days of Gratitude

By Tara Mideaker


While Thanksgiving is one of several “harvest” related holidays around the world, its background is about so much more. It recognizes the earth for providing us with sustenance. It honors the natives of America who helped new arrivals to thrive in a strange land. It expresses gratitude for survival through tumultuous travels and weathering difficult times. It reminds us that there is always an opportunity for a new beginning and to be thankful for the endless supply of support that is available to us when it is needed.

Whether it is Christmas, Ramadan, Yom Kippur or your birthday, aren’t all holidays really an expression of gratitude? Why wait for a special occasion when you can show your gratitude each and every day. Here are some crystals and ideas on ways to say “Thanks”.


Carry Black Agate and be thankful for the ability to remain steady when things get tough. Even if you feel as if you are falling apart, you will find the inner peace to overcome any obstacle and conquer the day.


Meditate with Apatite and be thankful that your physical needs can always be met. You have endless resources to obtain what you need to live a full and healthy life. Remember to take the opportunity to help others to create a circle of abundance.


Keep a Golden Tiger Eye in your pocket and be thankful for strength when you need it. We all face challenges and it is important to be reminded of the inner and outer sources of strength at your disposal.


Wear a Carnelian and be thankful for your instincts. You are equipped with an internal warning system that will always provide dedicated protection. Trust and nurture your instincts.


Carry Imperial Topaz in your wallet/pocketbook and be thankful for how prosperous you are. Believe that you have enough and you will…that is true prosperity. Be generous and give back when you can to truly show your gratitude.


Give someone a Rose Quartz and be thankful for Love. It really is all you need!


Give yourself a Labradorite and be thankful for it all; the good and the bad and especially your enduring ability to learn and grow from each moment of your wonderful life.



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Crystals for Holiday Stress

By Crystal Cosmopolitan

Holidays are supposed to be joyful and celebratory events, and yet many times the preparation - whether hosting a party or travelling to someone else’s home - leaves us exhausted and wishing we could just forget about all of it, sleep through it and wake up when it is all over. If you’ve ever had a thought like this - then this article is for you!

Crystals help us on many levels through physical laws of resonance, where their vibratory frequency affects the frequencies of our bodies in specific ways. In this article I will suggest a few that assist specifically with issues related to stress around the holidays. So here are the tips and tricks you can use to sail through the holiday season with a smile on your face:

Take your Citrine when you go shopping to find what you need at a price you can easily afford. Citrine works to synchronistically bring you to the right place at the right time so you can be done quickly and effortlessly.

Lithium Quartz is wonderful when you need to take a break from everything to distress and relax, even if it is just for a few minutes behind closed doors.

Hold or wear Fluorite for focus and mental clarity when you make your lists and are getting organized. Fluorite is excellent when you find yourself procrastinating and putting off your necessary tasks. Wearing it during shopping expeditions and holiday travel may also help you stay healthy in a crowded environment, since it strengthens the immune system.

Carnelian is a perfect crystal to hold when you feel unmotivated. It renews excitement, spurs creativity, and supports analytical thinking, so that you are not bogged down by details when planning a party, but rather inspired by your creative vision and anticipation of the joyful event.

Peach Agate may assist when you need to go to a party you are not looking forward to, for whatever reason. It would help you enjoy yourself no matter what the circumstances by attracting positive energy to you.

However, do carry Black Tourmaline with you, since the stress level of many people can be high during this time, and you want to make sure you are grounded and protected so that possible negative energy of others has no chance of affecting you.

Meditate with Lepidolite before going to bed for restful sleep. Write down all of what still needs to be done - your thoughts and your ideas for the rest of the holiday week - on a piece of paper and let your mind relax.

Hold Seraphinite when you feel you need a little extra help from the Divine to accomplish all that you want. A heartfelt gratitude for all that you do have and have been able to do is an important step on the road towards accomplishing more.

If you are looking for gifts – a set of scented candles, a pendant, bracelet, or a necklace perhaps - you know where to check, right? If you are so overwhelmed at this point that you can’t think straight, here is a subtle hint: Our gift-bags/wraps can be found here.

Finally, you want your home to sparkle, and be filled with a beautiful energy that reminds you of the meaning of the holidays. Place Amethyst and Citrine Druzes  throughout your home to bring in the energy of peace, spirituality, celebration, and abundance.

Hope these ideas serve to make your holiday season sparkly and happy!

Posted on November 22, 2013
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