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Healing Crystals July 4th 2013 Newsletter
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Healing Crystals July 4th 2013 Newsletter
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Special Edition Independence Day Newsletter

Welcome to a special edition of the Tumbling Stone, just in time for Independence Day in the United States! Healing Crystals is located in the United States of America and we love our country. We want to take this occasion to celebrate its founding with all of our friends in the USA and abroad. The Fourth of July, known here as Independence Day, is a busy day of fireworks, picnics, and summer activities, but it was started to remember the ideals upon which the country was founded: truth, justice, and liberty.

Take a minute before all of the fireworks, barbecues, and baseball games to remember the Founding Fathers. In our first article, Symbols of Our Independence, we review the meaning and symbols behind the Fourth of July. To help this remembrance, why not try some of the red, white, and blue crystals featured in the article? In our second article of this special edition, crystal healer and astrologer Tara Mideaker suggests several crystals to complement the active water energies of July. Want to tune into the power of water this month? Tara explains how Emerald, Selenite and Lapis Lazuli, among many other crystals, can help you tap into the Grand Trine of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Mars.

Thanks for joining us in celebrating this holiday, and look for our regular edition of the Tumbling Stone later this month. SPOILER ALERT: Chakra Week is coming soon! Read about it in a few weeks and, until then, enjoy the holiday!

Jim Boland

General Manager

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Symbols of Our Independence

By Jim Boland


Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is one of the great summer holidays here in the United States of America.Mix - Tumbled Father's Day Mix - 2 Piece Set w/Pouch We at Healing Crystals realize that many of our customers live in other nations and are part of the greater international community, but Healing Crystals was founded and is located in the United States. We are proud of our history and heritage, and so we invite all of our friends to join us in celebrating the Fourth of July along with us.

Independence Day is the National Holiday of the United States, and it is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress of the thirteen original British colonies. This act is popularly considered the "birthday" of the United States of America, though it would be many years before the actual United States was truly created. As Abraham Lincoln would note nearly one hundred years later in his Gettysburg address, the Founding Fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin, strove to bring forth "a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”.

While there are many popular symbols of July 4th, including fireworks, baseball, and summer picnics, one of the most stirring is the American flag. Legend has it that the American flag was created by Betsy Ross at the behest of George Washington to embody the ideals for which the new country was fighting. While this is a pleasant legend, the red, white, and blue of the American flag have come to stand for hardiness and valor (red), purity and innocence (white), and perseverance and justice (blue). To celebrate these values, consider the following stones to help you celebrate Independence Day:

RED: To inspire you with vitality and passion, try some Red Tigers' Eye. Ruby is another excellent red crystal to help you feel passion and excitement. Finally, let the crimson fire of Garnet inspire courage and protection in your soul with its powerful energies.

WHITE: For white crystals, the soothing vibrations of Moonstone are excellent for relaxing and relieving stress. Selenite, which is also linked to the moon, has a calming energy that can protect you from harmful, intrusive energies. And White Aventurine provides a purity and clarity that can be used to access all of the chakras, and can help reconcile you with all of humanity.

BLUE: The blue crystal Iolite helps bring about understanding and empathy which help to promote justice. Fidelity, loyalty, and commitment are key energies that you can access with Blue Sapphire. Blue Tiger Eye is an excellent crystal for those who promote truth and justice, for the crystal’s energies enhance insight and vision, and can help you see issues more clearly.

If you are in the United States, whatever you do on the Fourth of July, whether you celebrate with picnics and fireworks, travel and meet friends and families, or just stay at home and maybe reflect a little bit on the history of the United States, please stay safe and enjoy this celebration of the founding of our country. If you are an international friend of Healing Crystals, remember the ideals upon which our country was founded. We hope that everyone has a safe and happy day on July 4th.



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By Tara Mideaker

Close your eyes...just for a moment...and imagine that you are in your "happy" place. The place the you go in your mind to feel peace and joy.

Welcome back! Was there water wherever your imagination took you? Maybe you were on a beach watching the ocean, or in the mountains with a lake or spring nearby, or even in the shower letting a long, hard day wash off of you. Water is the element that allows us relax and feel protected. It is also a vital and powerful resource that encourages us to reflect and reassess. The month of July is filled with amazing Water energy as we head off into the 3rd Quarter of 2013. The first half of the year is behind you and you want to use the energy of the next few months to consider one question: How do you feel? You have made changes and reached some goals and you should be proud of your accomplishments. But how do you feel? If you feel good that is wonderful and now you can start thinking about what is next and how to keep that feeling. If not, this energy is perfect to help you uncover what will make you happy and discover ways to make that happen.

We get the challenging days over with early in the month. Carry Pink Calcite to combat the pessimistic attitude brought on by Venus and Saturn on 7/1. Abalone Shell will brighten the day while the Sun and Uranus square off on 7/4 bringing low expectations and unexpected disruptions.

And now the awesome news…a Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mars from July 17 – 22 could make this one of the best months all year. Keep Selenite & Hematite close for the whole amazing ride. Here are the specifics:

Emerald boosts your many accomplishments when Jupiter Trines Saturn

Lapis Lazuli inspires you to look for more and go after it when Jupiter Trines Neptune.

Rhodochrosite helps you realize your dreams when Saturn Trines Neptune.

Moonstone will be your inspirational guide as Mars Trines Neptune

Blue Calcite shows you the results of your work when Mars Trines Saturn.

Botswana Agate lets you feel and use the enthusiasm when Mars conjuncts Jupiter

Blue Lace Agate will be helpful during the cosmic reminder to take it easy while Mercury remains retrograde in Cancer for most of the month (until 7/20/13). Morganite enhances another lovely trine with the Moon and Mercury on 7/22 that puts your thoughts, feelings, goals and values all in perfect alignment.

This is a great month for honest assessments, inspired actions and a refreshed outlook that could take you in a new and abundant direction. Enjoy!

Other magical days:

July 8 New Moon in Cancer

July 22 Full Moon in Capricorn

July 23 Sun moves into Leo




Posted on July 04, 2013
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