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Healing Crystals July 2012 Newsletter
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Healing Crystals July 2012 Newsletter
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Have you ever wanted a 'do over'?

Wished Life had a 'Reset' button?

Or have you been forced into a reset where life knocked you down unexpectedly?

At the Healing Crystals warehouse we found we have to always expect the unexpected.  Perhaps a cetain stone we ordered doesn't arrive, or we have even been blessed with receiving more than we anticipated.

This months newsletter helps support you in your life's reset.  Our first article by Lourdes Lebron shows you How to Open and Close Chakras with Crystals.  The second article gives you the ground work so that you don't force, or want to force, life's 'reset' button.  Stephanie Arnold writes an instructive article on how to Block that Negativity!

We hope you find these articles enjoyable and informative!


Crystal Blessings,

Shawn Adler

Founder and President


Now, on to our Newsletter...


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We are pleased to present this announcement from Brenda, our Community Coordinator

My name is Brenda Durbin, and I am Community Coordinator for Healing Crystals. Many of you know me from our Crystal Talk Facebook page  I am over-the-moon excited to tell you about one of my current projects.  I am managing UK author and crystal healing teacher Philip Permutt’s Crystal Healer USA Workshop Tour, Philip has written five books on healing with crystals, and has created The Little Meditation Album Series, which includes a Grammy nominated meditation album.  He is a Reiki Master/Teacher and also teaches meditation at his UK crystal shop and healing center, iSiS, in St. Albans, England. Find out more about Philip here: Philip has taught crystal healer certification courses in the UK for twenty years, and now brings his knowledge and love of teaching his craft stateside for the very first time, with his Crystal Healer USA Workshop Tour!

September 8th and 9th will find us in Minneapolis, MN. The weekend of the 15th and 16th, we will be in Madison, WI. The following weekend, the 22nd and 23rd, we will be in Arlington, TX. Texas is my home state, and I can’t wait to introduce Philip and his wife Lyn Palmer to all of the friendly folks back home, as well as those all over the country who can’t wait to join us!

Philip will return in January, and will be teaching further workshops in Southwest California, Southeast Florida, and in Tucson, AZ during the Gem and Mineral Show.  We have one space available on his January/February tour schedule and are looking to find the perfect city to add to our exciting lineup.  We are partnering with local crystal/metaphysical shops and suppliers, as well as local bookstores, to hold mini-workshops and book signing events in the tour cities. Please contact me at for further details and availability.

A big thank you to Shawn and everyone at Healing Crystals for letting me advertise Philip’s tour! Be sure to “like” our Facebook page, and visit often for frequent updates!

Blessings, love and light~


Community Coordinator


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How to Open and Clean Your Chakras with Crystals

By Lourdes Lebron

Chakras are energy centers located in the human body.  Each individual chakra corresponds to organs and glands in a particular area of the body.  It is believed that they are the store holders of your emotional experiences.  These centers can become clogged or sluggish with the stress and drama of everyday life.  If a center becomes stuck with “gunk”, your emotional, mental, and physical well-being will start to suffer.  Think of chakras as rechargeable batteries.  If you continuously recharge them they will function well, but if you let them run out of “juice” they will not function and will take a much longer time to recharge.

In order to clean the chakras, I suggest using a Clear Quartz pendulum.  Although this is my crystal of choice, you can also use Selenite, Optical Calcite or any other clear or white crystal that resonates with you.  To begin with, it is easier to have a partner help you (and both of you can enjoy the experience).  If one is not available you can still use this method, but instead of lying down on your back you may feel more comfortable sitting up.

Although I suggest crystals to use for each chakra after the cleansing, please feel free to experiment and work with whichever mineral you feel resonates best with your body.  For example an Amethyst may feel better for the Sacral chakra instead of an orange crystal. Honor your body and use whatever feels right.

To start cleaning the chakras, I suggest starting at the top of the head where the Crown chakra lies.  Take your pendulum and hold it 6–12 inches over the energy center.  Let it spin naturally over this chakra.  If you are working on a man, the pendulum may spin clockwise first.  This is fine and for a man this is the direction it spins as it cleans.  For women, it will spin counter-clockwise as it turns.  After a while the crystal will change direction.  The reason it changes direction is because after the crystal cleans the chakra, it then has to replace that energy with fresh energy.  It does this as it spins in the opposite direction.  After it stops spinning, I suggest placing an Amethyst (or Clear Quartz) at the top of the head to help seal in the energy.

The next chakra to work on is the Third Eye chakra in the center of the forehead.  For this energy center and the ones that follow it, there will be no difference in the direction the pendulum swings for either sex.  It will spin counter-clockwise to take stuff out and the opposite direction to place energy in.  After it stops, I like to enrich this chakra with a piece of Lapis Lazuli or Dumortierite.

The Throat chakra at the base of your throat is the next stop for your pendulum.  Again, it will spin counter-clockwise to take stagnant energy out, and spin in the clockwise direction when it puts positive energy in.  Blue Lace Agate and Blue Calcite are great crystals for this energy center.

The energy center that comes next is the Heart chakra and it is in the center of the chest. Let the pendulum spin as it may.  Once the direction shifts and it finishes moving, you can place a green stone like Aventurine or Tourmaline.  If you prefer a pink crystal, you can use Morganite or Rose Quartz.

The subsequent chakra is the Solar Plexus.  This energy center is in the middle of the abdominal region.  The pendulum can be used once more and after it is done you can place a piece of Amber, Citrine, or Yellow Calcite on this chakra.

The Sacral chakra is the next energy center to be cleaned.  Once the pendulum is done, you can use a Carnelian, Red Tiger Eye, or Red Aventurine to color this energy center.  

The last chakra to be worked on is the Base or Root chakra.  The pendulum is used again and just like before it will change direction as it replaces the energy taken out with new, clean energy.  I like to use Rubies, Black Tourmaline, Jet, and Red Jasper on this area.

Now that the chakras are done, I suggest waiting 5–10 minutes to let the energy settle. When the person being worked on is ready to get up, you may wish to offer grounding food like protein or chocolate to eat.  I suggest drinking lots of water after a chakra cleaning to keep moving toxins out of the energy bodies.

For many of you, cleaning the front of the chakras is enough to see a significant difference. For others, you may need to clean the same chakras on the back side of the body.  When doing the back of the body, you would have a person lie down on their stomach or sit up on a backless chair.  The energy centers are found directly opposite of the front ones and you would follow the same process as above.  You can do both sides on the same day, or on alternate days when in a time crunch.

I suggest doing this routine once a month to keep the chakras running smoothly and functioning well.  If you are under much more stress, you may wish to do this more often. When feeling ill, I recommend cleaning the chakra to help remove any energetic blockages that may be contributing to the physical disease.  Experiment with this method and try different crystals to see what brings you the best results.



Eden, Donna.  Energy Medicine.  New York: Penguin, 2008.


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Block that Negativity!

By Stephanie Arnold

Wouldn’t it be great if you could protect yourself from that negative co-worker at your office? You can! There are many different crystals that can help with this. Wearing them, carrying them in your pocket, or even placing them on a shelf in the room can help draw off negativity that can adversely influence you. Negativity can manifest itself through symptoms similar to stress, such as upset stomach, feeling tired or a general lack of energy, and can even cause you to become angry or negative yourself.


One of the best stones for purifying negativity is Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl. This powerful stone is also excellent for grounding, relieving stress and protecting against electromagnetic stress. It was used in ancient times in the Mediterranean region, and by the 1700s was being imported to Europe by Dutch traders. Most Tourmaline now comes from Brazil, the United States (near Maine), Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Russia. Black Tourmaline pendants, such as these naturally terminated pendants, can be worn when around people with a negative attitude. While displaying this pendant, you will notice that your energy will be unaffected by them and you will be able to maintain your positive mood. This crystal is especially useful for those under a lot of stress. Also try placing Black Tourmaline tumbled stones around your home to keep harmony and an uplifting atmosphere.


Another great crystal for combatting negativity is Topaz. Ancient Egyptians and Romans wore Topaz, as did eighteenth century royalty from France and Spain. During the Middle Ages it was widely believed that it prevented insanity and strengthened mental powers. Because of Topaz’s amazing ability to bring joy into your life, negativity cannot endure in its presence. Topaz is also great for relieving tension and stress. It promotes health and stabilizes the emotions. Try wearing a Topaz Pendant, as it works best when placed on the skin, and experience the benefits for yourself.


If you are looking to control emotional negativity within yourself, Carnelian is a crystal for you. Carnelian, named after the Kornel cherry with its orange and reddish color, is a high energy stone that resonates best with the Sacral chakra. Protecting from jealousy, rage and resentment, this stone can help the person carrying it as well as those around them at the same time. Tumbled stones are perfect for carrying in your pocket. Carnelian also has another wonderful quality. It can be placed amongst other crystals and will clear the energy of the other stones. Carnelian is one of the few stones that never needs clearing. In Feng Shui, placing Carnelian near your front door encourages abundance in your home.


Smoky Quartz will quickly draw negative energy to itself and away from you. Another excellent grounding stone, natural irradiation gives this quartz its smoky color. This crystal comes from the United States, as well as Brazil, Madagascar, Australia and Switzerland. Smoky Quartz encourages organization, and is very useful for students to help them focus and can also help teachers to have patience. It reduces stress, lifts depression and fear, and promotes calmness. This crystal works well with Black Tourmaline, and also protects against electromagnetic stress and the negative effects of radiation, therefore making it an ideal stone for chemotherapy patients. Although it resonates with the root chakra, Smoky Quartz also has the ability to raise your energy, while neutralizing negative vibrations. Placing a sphere by your bedside can offer relief from nightmares.


Of course, all crystals that can help block you from negativity also pick up the negativity themselves. Remember it is always important to clear the energy of these crystals regularly. Over time you will notice the effectiveness of the crystals has diminshed. This is a sign that it is time to clear them. This can be done by leaving the crystals overnight in the moonlight, placing them in sea salt, playing the right sounds, and also by smudging. Smudging is a Native American process of burning incense, usually sage or sweetgrass, and passing the crystals through the smoke. There are a few stones, like Carnelian, that have the ability to clear other stones around them. One way to use Carnelian for this purpose is to store it in a small pouch with other crystals that need clearing, when it's not in use. Once the crystals have been "cleared" they will regain their original effectiveness.


By using crystals to block and neutralize negativity, you will immediately notice the results. Any symptoms you were beginning to have, will dissipate and you will be more relaxed, even around the most stressful people. Be sure to carry your crystals with you everywhere. Take steps today to protect yourself from negativity!

Posted on July 13, 2012
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