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Difference Between Crown & Root Chakras
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Difference Between Crown & Root Chakras
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Subject: Difference Between Crown & Root Chakras
Date: 09/15/2010
From: Kenji
To: Healing Crystals


How is Crown chakra and Root chakra diffrent in terms of healing the body or mind? I think I read some where else on your websie that both chakras heals the entire physical body. Yet, I still hear different things about the two chakras in different sources. Could you explain it for me the difference between the two chakras for me, the healing ability, how it works on the physical body and which is better in activating the both chakras, Root or Crown? I think i heard from somewhere else that Crown chakra activates the entire chakra. Is this true? If so, does that mean if I choose crystals or gems that work primary with crown chakra, it is better than the rest of the chakras?






Dear Kenji,

I am sending you some basic info on chakras. The chakras are the energy system of our bodies. Each Chakra acts independently, yet when in balance can all work together. Each chakra effects different parts of the body and the following article will explain this more clearly. Crystals can help bridge a connection between different chakras to facilitate different kinds of healing.

The root chakra is our connection to the physical plane and material matter such as every day life. It also connects us to nature and when balanced properly will show use our place in nature as a caretaker. The root chakra draw its energy from the earth and grounds us back to the earth.

The crown chakra connects use to our consciousness, It is what allows us to be thinking, reasoning and aware beings. It also connects us to the etheric and angelic planes. It is the chakra that reminds us we are not alone. It reminds us that we are connected to all that is, our own divinity as a citizen of the cosmos. It draws its energy from the universe around us. Its energy is based on love.

When both chakras are activated they form a bridge between all the other chakras to assist in a full chakra system balancing. The chakra system must work in balance, no one chakra is more important then the others. if one is not working in balance none of the others can work properly. It is the same with our physical body, if one organ is not working properly the whole body is effected. When the chakra system is in balance and all are working properly, each individual chakra can do what it needs as far as healing the parts of the body associated with it. But they also work together to heal any damage in our emotional and etheric bodies. So you see that they must be able to work individually and together as a system with no one chakra being more important then the others. I have included an article on working with chakra and crystals to help explain how crystals can effect healing in each chakra.

It has taken me many years of working with the chakra system to realize that You are always learning new things about the chakras. There is no one written in stone rule that tells how you are going to work with them. you have to use your intuition and trust yourself that it knows what you need and will guide you in how to heal yourself.

I hope this helped in some small way. Working with chakras are an adventure in learning. I hope you enjoy your adventure.




Posted on September 28, 2010
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