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Crystals for Energy Blocks (Blockages)
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Crystals for Energy Blocks (Blockages)
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From: Mary Ruth -
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 12:07 PM
To: Healing Crystals
Subject: -Mary Ruth: - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Dear Mimi, thanks for all the encouragement!

I began today with Carnelian...and of course did not 'see' or 'feel' what I expected at all (which I find is often the way these things go). Actually, while meditating I went to a place inside where there is the most wonderful ocean shore (must be because water is my element). and as I sat there trying to just let go, relax and focus on my inner eye I saw something most unexpected...first a doorway which seemed made from two large turquoise colored crystals leaning against each other, and when I went through them....jellyfish.

um...jellyfish? I was swimming in very dark midnight blue water with jellyfish...and the words 'Moon Jelly' kept echoing in my head. (I thought perhaps it was b/c I have had this thing lately with the moon...I suddenly became very aware of it, and it's cycles about 1-2 weeks ago, and find it is often on my mind for some odd reason). But afterwards I did some research and found that there really is a type called moon jellies, and that totem animal-wise jelly fish represent this: The transparency of the jellyfish teaches the inner source within each of us. We have an enormous amount of power within us to draw upon. We can turn on the light even in the depths of darkness through the wisdom the jellyfish.

It was an odd but interesting and somewhat encouraging re-beginning. I have the carnelian in my pocket, and I will remember to sleep with it also. (for at least the next week or so until I have the aqua aura)

I have one more question for you: Next week, when I order my crystal I was thinking about ordering one of your lithium quartz pendants also. When I looked at your site the other day I was drawn to them...
I have been wanting to make myself a necklace for helping to blow up this inner block that seems to be in my way 24/7. (I can never put my finger on it or get rid of it, but I am ever my own worst enemy when it comes to getting somewhere...I am told by my partner that it is b/c I have no solid base in myself...I do not accept me as worthwhile and worthy...or something like that, and that the only time I get out of my way is when I forget myself completely to help someone else advance...not sure if this is true or not...but he claims it is the source of my block)
ANYWAY....I had been drawn to possibly using fluorite in a necklace for a while now...clarity of thought and focus being something I really need...and then I saw the Lithium quartz pendants. Would that be helpful? Would it be compatible with fluorite? (I did your crystal divination cards for fun this morning, focusing on my getting unblocked and the stone that came up was fluorite, which I found 'interesting'). So...what do you think? Do they work together well and would Lithium be helpful?

Thanks for all your time and encouragement. It really helps...especially right now when I need a good push :-)
~ mr


Hi Mary Ruth!

You're really working it! It's wonderful to hear about your experiences.

It sounds to me that you're calling in the energies of the sacred feminine. If you're becoming aware of energetic cycles associated with the moon, then the the mother goddess is present. The sacred feminine calls to us when we need to go deeper to clear what's blocking the light within. I believe that you're on the right track with the desire to get to the root of what's blocking you. Sit still in your meditation and it will come clear to you. Be patient with yourself and trust what's coming up.

Here are some crystals that I'd recommend for remove energetic blockages:

Fluorite - dissolves fixed behavior patterns and brings supressed feelings to the surface for healing. We have a wonderful selection of both natural and tumbled fluorite. I'd choose intuitively. I've listed the link for the natural fluorite chips which could be a nice choice for wrapped jewelry.

Larimar - induces a deep meditative state and raises consciousness and soul vibration. It removes self-imposed blockages. Below is the link for tumbled larimar.

Lithium is a soothing stone that balances the brain and the emotions. It can gently move repressed anger and grief to the surface to be healed and it can heal unresolved emotions from past lives. So if this speaks to you, trust it and work with it. I've included the link for tumbled lithium, it may help you decide.

Much love to you as you sit with the blocks,


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    (Submitted by: olga on June 18, 2012)

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