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Chakra Set - Premium Throat Assortment    [A5CHTHR]
Chakra Set - Premium Throat Assortment
Chakra Set - Premium Throat Assortment
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Premium Throat Assortment - This is a special assortment of Premium Throat Chakra crystals that represent communication and self-expression. We have put these together especially for people who use crystals for their personal growth, in their meditations, or in healing sessions. This assortment contains 4 different stones plus a beautifully designed reference card for the Throat Chakra and a colored pouch especially chosen to correspond with this chakra color.

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(Communication, Self Expression)

Aspects of Throat Chakra
- Communication
- Self-expression
- Judgment and criticism
- Will and faith in Divine will

Location: Neck
Color Association: Blue

Our THROAT Chakra Assortment Contains 4 Stones
PLUS a Throat Chakra Reference Card with a Blue Organza Pouch

Tumbled Blue Quartz : activates the throat Chakra to speak what's on your mind; helpful in finding diplomacy in necessary situations
Tumbled Aquamarine : enhances intuition, spirituality and clairvoyance; eases anxiety, fear and restlessness
Tumbled Turquoise : helps the soul to freely express and releases us from old vows; promotes honest and clear communication from the heart; useful when enrolling others for help
Tumbled Dumortierite : good for organization and communication; provides emotional support and helps to provide patience

Other stones good for the THROAT Chakra:
Azurite : fosters compassion and communication from the heart; heightens awareness of spiritual communication.
Lapis : reminds us of power of the spoken word; encourages full self-expression; eases communication of anger.
Celestite: promotes clear speech and personal expression; helps us be receptive to communication from others.
: builds confidence in self-expression.
Blue Calcite : helps clear communication where there is a difference of opinions.
Kunzite : aligns heart and throat chakras to foster loving communication.

Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Chakra Set - Premium Throat Assortment
Chakra Set - Premium Throat Assortment    [A5CHTHR]