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Ever wanted to clear your crystals by simply pressing a button?

Video 1 - Click Here to see our short video and to learn how

Video 2 - Click Here to clear your crystals now.
( First place crystals in front of your computer speakers )

Video 3 - Click Here to Play just the Crystal Clearing Sounds.
( Longer clip with no intro )

How it works:

In our videos, Dr. Glenn Smith, Reiki Master and Professor of Music at George Mason University?explains a technique?that you can use to clear your crystals?by using sound.?

Crystals are programmable and can absorb and store energy.? This is one reason why crystals are so good at supporting Healing. ?Crystals can then get ?filled up? with these vibrations and it is useful to ?Clear? them from time to time.? If you notice that you aren?t attracted to pick up a favorite crystal anymore, this is an indication that the crystal needs to be cleared.?? It is also useful to clear your crystals after every Healing session.

Crystals can be cleared by filling them with a wide range of?frequencies such as playing all 88 keys on the piano.?? By doing this, we are filling the crystal with a?multitude of vibrations and this scrambles and clears the vibrations that have been absorbed by your crystal.???

How to use a Piano to Clear Crystals:
1.???Place crystals inside or on top of the piano.
2.???Push down the Sustain pedal on the piano.
3.???Play all 88 keys on the piano (one at a time).
4.???Continue holding the Sustain pedal to allow all of the frequencies to resonate with the crystals in effect scrambling the vibrations contained in the?crystal which leaves the crystal ?clear?.
5.???Repeat approximately 3 times until the crystals ?feel? clear.

How to Clear your Crystals by using our Video
1.????? Place your crystals in front of your computer speakers
2.????? Play the Crystal Clearing Sequence
3.????? Repeat until crystals ?feel? clear to you

Click Here to learn about more methods for clearing energy from your crystals.