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Product Comments for:  DISCONTINUE - Golden Tiger Eye "Chan Luu" Style Bracelet (DJBTGCLU)
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DISCONTINUE - Golden Tiger Eye "Chan Luu" Style Bracelet
  I loved this bracelet when i got it and wore it quite often during my house buying/ building process and believed it helped us. The quality of the bracelet is why it gets 2 stars. The tiger eye beads are perfect but the string that holds them together (in a ladder type way) onto the leather strings, are not durable for lots of wear. After three months of daily wear, (taking it off for sleep, shower, and exercise) the string frayed and two beads fell right off, when i went to repair myself, i realized that it was totally done for. I paid 20ish$ for it and was disappointed because i have always been happy with everything i have bought from Healing Crystals. I will still buy from here i just wanted to warn others who want to buy this bracelet for everyday wear.  (Submitted by: Brooklyn Clark on December 10, 2014)