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Product Comments for:  CLEARANCE - Clear Quartz Clusters "Extra" (Himalayan) (NQCLHE)
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CLEARANCE - Clear Quartz Clusters "Extra" (Himalayan)
  My thanks! Not only is this Himalayan Clear Quartz exquisite and offered so much vibrant joy and life, it is the exact one from my vision. I left a comment when I ordered this; about a vision I had that lead me to Himalayan Clear Quartz specifically, that it could even be set aside and 'marked', and was pleased the day it arrived and saw Erin's message on the receipt about this being the only one with a group of several clusters that had been marked and bagged. It meant a lot that she took the extra moment to do that. This Extra cluster truly has pure water clarity points grouped on a base that is marvelous. I really do recommend to all. A vision for something like that requires a great network or nothing happens, so my already great thoughts of was truly boosted even further! J.M.  (Submitted by: J.M. Cotti on October 04, 2014)