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Product Comments for:  Chalcopyrite - Chalcopyrite Natural Chunks (Peru) (NCHPY)
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Chalcopyrite - Chalcopyrite Natural Chunks (Peru)
  Good Quality, But diffrent than pictured

So i bougt this off amazon, and i LOVE IT!!!
I orderd it and it got it a couple days later, it was in a secure box and had padding , very nice and i opend it up and saw my chalcopyrite and it was diffrent from the photo and it kinda looked like peacock ore (bournite) sprayed with gold spray paint... it was still pretty good and i love it, also i love the free gift!!! I got a quartz point for the gift, and i really like it :3 you cant say no to free quartz! All in all this was a good purchase, my chalcopyrite was more flat instead of shown in the photo.  (Submitted by: Warrencat on January 22, 2017)