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Product Comments for:  CLEARANCE - Tumbled Banded Agate (India) - Tumbled Stones (TAGBN)
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CLEARANCE - Tumbled Banded Agate (India) - Tumbled Stones
  I am so very pleased with our first order experience. Details on each Crystal & Stone, super helpful for my family, and was a really nice "family night" while we all sat together for over two hours going over each selection we had in mind for all of us. This one was a nice size and the first one my husband kept staring at.  (Submitted by: Amber Hardin on July 26, 2018)
  Very nice stone.  (Submitted by: Deanna Sava on September 18, 2015)
  I love this stone,i hold it and i feel so relaxed.Thank you for so many choices.  (Submitted by: Becky R on December 04, 2013)