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Product Comments for:  Wand - Banded Amethyst 6-Sided Massage Wands (CWMAMC)
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Wand - Banded Amethyst 6-Sided Massage Wands
  This is the most beautiful high quality banded amethyst I have ever owned or even seen. You would not be disappointed at all if you ordered this beautiful wand. The energy of this anethyst is also amazing.  (Submitted by: Nicole Hauck on May 09, 2015)
  Awesome and beautiful  (Submitted by: Stacy Tubbd on August 31, 2014)
  Excelent!  (Submitted by: Angie Decos on July 06, 2014)
  This wand is beautiful! I can't wait to meditate with it!  (Submitted by: Andrew Linendoll on May 06, 2014)