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Product Comments for:  Necklaces - Malachite Tumbled Chips Necklace (India) (JNMAL)
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Necklaces - Malachite Tumbled Chips Necklace (India)
  The packaging is the best I have seen and the necklace was delivered on time, but I gave it only 3-stars due to the poor quality of the clasp.The clasping mechanism is made out of something that looks like silver but it has developed rust after less than two months of wearing it. The Malachite chips are smaller than what is shown on the images, but I like the quality.  (Submitted by: Raymond Nwambuonwo on July 22, 2017)
  Great feel to the malachite on this necklace. Definitely a long necklace for the 36" but great use for energy healing/healing oneself.  (Submitted by: Michael Maukonen on December 31, 2014)