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Product Comments for:  Necklaces - Rose Quartz Tumbled Chips Necklace (India) (JNQRS)
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Necklaces - Rose Quartz Tumbled Chips Necklace (India)
  ordered 5/13/18 - shipped 5/16/18 - received 5/18/18! Wonderful - just as advertised in picture! Thank you for being such an upstanding company and providing stellar products! I will be ordering more items in the future!  (Submitted by: Philece Sampler on May 18, 2018)
  I am in love with this necklace!!! The quality is more than I could have ever expected and the vibes are so sweet and pure... A must have for anyone looking to add some love to their world. : )  (Submitted by: Daniel Obryan on April 15, 2015)
  I was so excited to receive my rose quartz necklace for my mom who has had cancer in one breast and just recently found out she had cancer in the other breast. She went through chemo and radiation and just the other day went in to have the tumor removed. They gave me a free gift of their breast cancer crystal mix. The quality is amazing!!!!!!! : )  (Submitted by: Daniel Obryan on April 15, 2015)