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Product Comments for:  Assorted Natural Chips/Chunks (Brazil) (ANCHIPS)
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Assorted Natural Chips/Chunks (Brazil)
  All of the pieces were very chunky B-A grade, ranging from 1 3/8" to 2 1/8" at a price scale you just can't beat! The only thing that could have made this deal sweeter was if they added a card with the names of the crystals included, but I wasn't expecting one since I read the description. Do be sure to read the description so that you won't be disappointed with the assortment that you receive.  (Submitted by: Alaaniel Davis on October 28, 2015)
  I just got this bag of stones, and am very happy with them, i automatically piled them in a circle shape with all the quartz and amethyst in the middle, and put some tibet points i also bought in there as well, could really feel great energy from them, my knees even had a bit of a tingle, i looked at the grid i threw together again today and noticed it was in the shape pretty much of your logo. : ) i am new to working with crystals and will be ordering many others from this site in the future, a beautiful way to keep intentions focused and energy balanced. glad to have found this site, keep up the good work, thanks!!!  (Submitted by: Steven H on September 22, 2012)
  hey, just wanted to add that i have found a really good number of pieces in the 1lb. bag i got, a very cool quartz point with orange at the bottom, a lil super cute cluster of quartz that comes to a point, some really good blue quartz, and also nice pieces sun stone and a few others, there are so many uses for these crystals that feel really good, i have used them to set up lil grids all over the house, i even made a grid with some quartz from tibet, along with strong chips and chunks of green aventurine and the sun stones, where i placed a nickel in the middle between a double terminated quartz and sunstone, and had it facing a scratch off lotto ticket, i let it sit there over night, and won 25 dollars from a 10 dollar ticket( i have never really had luck with these things and bought the ticket on a whim), i was surprised, so i did it again with a two dollar ticket, and won 10 dollars from it, i also made a a bag in the lil pouch that came with the quartz points that you all gave me, for work with the same set up, plus a couple sodalite chunks and a chunk of amethyst for waiting tables, everyone had a really slow night except me, its not just money and such, but have had really good results with pets and family so far. i have also been reading alot about making orgonite and think this package would be great for that, other then just setiing up lil grids round the house for lil happy spots, needless to say i have ordered more crystals and cant wait to share energy with them and in turn share that energy with the rest of the world. this may be more suited for the forum, but has anyone had good results with charging crystals on say a tower buster or other pieces of orgonite? i am very interested in this and may just have to try it out myself to see, but i have digressed enough, much love to the healing crystals crew for doing such a good job with information, quick deliveries, awesome gifts, and really great selection at affordable prices. all around beautiful. Domo-Arrigato  (Submitted by: Steven H on September 25, 2012)
  Great pieces, I have bought this one before too. Jen  (Submitted by: Jennifer Bagley on July 22, 2012)
  I am very happy with the wide assortment of sizes and types of stones.  (Submitted by: Rebecca Ricks on February 08, 2012)
  I know the description says "i may" get the listed stones, but I have one left over not on that list. I didn't get the Tiger's Eye, and *did* get a darker shade of what looks like a piece of broken glass- much like what must be amethyst & clear quartz, only this is darker. I can only assume it's Smoky Quartz, but didn't know if that was one of the possible stones to be sent... I don't want to assume what it is, though. ? Any feedback from the site would be great. Thanks. Nice specimens either way... =)  (Submitted by: Kristy W on February 07, 2012)