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Product Comments for:  Mix - Tumbled Childrens Mix - 3 Piece Set w/Pouch (ATMXCHI)
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Mix - Tumbled Childrens Mix - 3 Piece Set w/Pouch
  Gave these to my daughter! She always loved holding my crystals. So, to help introduce her into my spiritual world, I gave these as a gift and am so excited and happy to watch her relationship with them grow! She’s 3 and gets really emotional and sensitive. Also, we’ve been using them to comfort her at night! Our bedtime routine is a more pleasant experience! Thank you!  (Submitted by: Delaina Gordon on December 01, 2018)
  Lovely card with great info included. Stones are on the small side but its a great everyday pocket piece. GREAT kids gift!  (Submitted by: Courtney Robb on January 13, 2014)