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Product Comments for:  CLEARANCE - Elestials - Smokey Quartz Elestials (Brazil) (NQSMELB)
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CLEARANCE - Elestials - Smokey Quartz Elestials (Brazil)
  Brilliant! Thanks so much to Jan, who sent me such a lovely elestial in the shape of a truncated pyramid. The energy is really incredible, and while I don't normally go for clearance labeled 'poor color', I went with my gut and some extra change I earned. So worth it! Even if you just have change, check the clearance items here at healincrystals - it can change the course of your life for the better, and so the lives of all those around you you are connected to. Many thanks to healingcrystals entire staff!  (Submitted by: J.M. Cotti on April 11, 2014)
  This is a beautiful crystal with gorgeous deep brown color  (Submitted by: Catherine Mccormick on June 22, 2010)